For all the adventurous cigarette-butt heads out there
here is Novus
Novus is the first product developed by Sentiens LLC, which is focused on developing solutions that can provide relief for addictive behaviors. Sentiens is a research and development company that is focused on designing products that can have a positive impact on our society through improving health and wellness. The emphasis of our science is targeting known addictive behaviors with nutraceutical products that utilize our proprietary technology platform, leveraging our expertise in systemic sensory pathways.

BotanicBoost is our proprietary platform technology that focuses on a deep understanding of how the human body functions, particularly how the body’s nervous system (peripheral and central) acts as a primary pathway for our initial reaction to our environment, and to the body’s response to those stimuli. This is an underappreciated area of research.

Novus is a tobacco less, nicotine free, easy-to-use alternative to cigarettes and e-cigarettes - Get Your Free Sample Now | Novus1