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Thread: Free Bird seed Samples

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    Smile Free Bird seed Samples

    Borrowed of course so I have not made any of the calls... just thought to share.

    1. I have been trying Roudybush on my fids and it is too soon to tell yet if they really like that brand. I got a free sample of their crumbles when I e-mailed them. Go To Go to the contact us part and write them a message asking for them... they will let you know in an email. They send a generous sample package!!!

    2. I also called LaFeber and they sent me a very generous sample set! I got some snack bars....a couple pkgs. of nutriberries and avicakes. They will ask how many and what type of birds you have and send you samples for your birds. Here is their number.....1- 800-842-6445

    3. Harrison's foods offer a full line of USDA certified organic bird foods, from pellets to seed mixtures. To see their full line of products, visit and then call 1-800-346-0269 to request a free sample.

    4. Pretty Bird International Inc. Toll Free: 800.356.5020 Just call & ask for a sample.

    5. Call 1-800-KAYTEE-1 or email from here & ask for a sample of pellets for your birds

    6. Call Scenic Bird Food at (800) 327-7974 or email & ask for some samples

    7. Email ZuPreem here and ask for some samples

    8. Email 8in1 at or call 1-800-645-5154 and ask for samples

    9. Call Hartz at 1-800-275-1414 and ask for samples

    10. Email Nekton at and ask for samples

    11. Email Vitakraft at and ask for some samples

    12. Call 1-800-334-8816 or email FM Brown at and ask for some samples

    I just read that the pellets are supposed to be so much better for my birds than seeds, so I called them all up (or emailed) & asked them to send samples because I was considering switching from seeds to pellets.

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    thanks for posting

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    wow...what a list! Thanks Curious for another great post!

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    Great Post ...
    I am a Girl Scout leader and we do an animal friendly Christmas tree for our Chamber of Commerce. This will be an amazing start for this project. Thank you!

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    Thank you, Curious. That's a great list.

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