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Free Police Scanner and Code Reference Sheet

Posted: 06/21/15 01:09 pm ( 11 months ago )
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Free Police Scanner and Code Reference Sheet

Here are some ways you can listen to police, fire, EMS, aircraft, and rail broadcast for free without a police scanner. You can listen to it on your cell phone or on the computer.

Online / Desktop
Go to Broadcastify to listen in on what is going on in your town

iPhone / iPod / iPad App
Search and download the 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite for free

Android App
Search and download the Police Scanner Radio Scanner for free

Reference Sheet
Link to Police Scanner Code Reference
187 - Homicide
211 - Robbery
311 - Indecent exposure
390 - Drunk
510 - Speeding or racing vehicles
586 - Illegal parking
604 - Throwing missiles?!

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Guest - 6 months ago
Cause. Court
Guest - 9 months ago
Puttman County Florida and watch what county Florida Bradford County
spazntwitch (It's like déjà vu again) - 10 months ago
Reply to Guest

You can always get a radio and listen to the frequencies here. And good 'ol Utah County, I grew up there and miss the mountains in Springville/Mapleton.
Guest - 10 months ago
I can NEVER find a scanner app that has UTAH COUNTY on it! All it has that's in Utah County is Utah Highway Patrol. Are there any out there that anyone knows of? Thank you!
Guest - 11 months ago
Wayne, NJ is missing. :-(
Guest - 11 months ago
Can u pls put Petersburg va police on here ty.
Guest - 1 year ago
can you put toledo,ohio police on
Guest - 1 year ago
Can you put cannon county tennessee on your scanner app?
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 3 years ago
Thank you, we updated the link to RadioReference which is up and running :)
spazntwitch (It's like déjà vu again) - 3 years ago
Reply to Guest

You'll find them here: RadioReference.com - Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference Database
SunniKixJimmy2Curb (L12 Spoofee Addict) - 3 years ago
Not in Clay County FL but it is in nearby Duvall (Jacksonville)!
spazntwitch (It's like déjà vu again) - 5 years ago
Try listening to some of the ones out of Australia. Love the accents!
spazntwitch (It's like déjà vu again) - 5 years ago
I'd put up a link for Millard County, Utah, but the Sheriff's Office will be changing their radios over to new, and unfortunately encrypted, frequencies soon.
Shiftlock (L5 Interested Member) - 5 years ago
A buddy of mine streams the Collier County, Florida police/fire/EMS at www.NaplesScanner.com. You can even see live video of the scanner display, like you're right in the room with it. It also covers the secret TAC channels that they use for drug busts and surveillance operations that the ScanAmerica streams prohibit. About every other night between 11pm and 3am I hear them staking out houses and organizing raids. It's pretty cool.
goatzee (L4 Interested Member) - 5 years ago
cool they have my county....and it works....
sleeper22 (L6 Experienced Member) - 5 years ago
cool, very interesting!
Island life (L5 Interested Member) - 5 years ago
Nice find and thanks for posting!

Sure glad that I live on the other side of the island of a burglary suspect weilding a rifle with police helicopters above
pbass1 (L4 Interested Member) - 7 years ago
Thanks for this ultra cool post. Luckily, I live in a major metropolitan city, so the police and fire department scanners are available online. It is ironic how 2 hours after I began listening the other day, a police officer was shot and seriously wounded by a suspected drug dealer. We're praying for a quick recovery.
Mateo1041 (L6 Experienced Member) - 7 years ago
Nothing in Milwaukee, WI. Not that I really care anyway. :-)
daredevil (John Galt, come save us!) - 7 years ago
Not in my area, thanks anyway...
pabswife (L6 Experienced Member) - 7 years ago
not in my hick town!!!!!
Tap Dancer (If it's free, it's for me) - 7 years ago
My city isn't listed, but our sister city is. Thanks! :lol:
jim6627 (L6 Experienced Member) - 7 years ago
thanks for the link!
jonafin (L5 Interested Member) - 7 years ago
nothing going on right now but a pretty cool site. thanks.
snuggleszam (L7 Experienced Member) - 7 years ago
I love these thing. Im nosie hahha I use to listen to the scanner all of the time, sometimes we would hop in the car to go see some of the good stuff
beardeddragon (L5 Interested Member) - 7 years ago
This was so awsome. I didn't hear the whole thing though. They were at an apartment and the door was secure. Then there was a disturbance at a parking lot. Thanks!
Brocks Momma (Registered User) - 7 years ago
Well that's pretty neat :) Thanks!
fancipants53 (L5 Interested Member) - 7 years ago
very cool thanks. When I was younger my dad would go to sleep listening to his scanner.

Not much in my county either....bummer. Hoping to catch some good stuff in Los Angeles tho lol!
Phree (L5 Interested Member) - 7 years ago
wow that's pretty cool! I had no idea this was available online!
cam (Soldier of the Cross) - 7 years ago
Thats pretty cool.
Too bad there is nothing for my county
Appletinitwist (L11 Spoofee Addict) - 7 years ago
That's really cool.
spazntwitch (It's like déjà vu again) - 7 years ago
They hardly have anything in Utah. Ha ha.

That's OK, I don't really want to listen to my voice broadcasting over the radio when I'm on duty.

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