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Free - Spoofee 7GB Email Account

Posted: 07/18/09 07:25 am ( 8 years ago )
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Free Spoofee 7GB Email Account

Spoofee.com is now offering a free 7GB email accounts!

This is the exact same style as gmail, but your email address would be yourname@spoofee.com and can be accessed through mail.spoofee.com

If you would like a spoofee email address or haven't tried Gmail, this is a good deal!

1. Email us at request@spoofee.com with the following

- Your Name
- #1 Username preferred (username@spoofee.com)
- #2 Username preferred (username2@spoofee.com)

2. Within 48 hours, you will get a response with your account info.

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spazntwitch (It's like déj- vu again) - 6 years ago
I just tried the breaking by dots and got this message:

550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try
550-5.1.1 double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or
550-5.1.1 unnecessary spaces.

Well, at least 50% of your question was in the affirmative!
blacklit (old skool) - 6 years ago
correct. myname+anyword@spoofee.com works but not the dot : ( as it does with gmail. spazntwitch@gmail will receive emails sent to spaz.n.twitch@gmail and every other dotted permutation of the address.
spazntwitch (It's like déj- vu again) - 6 years ago
Reply to blacklit

I just tried it successfully with the + sign. I am not sure about the dot though as I don't understand. Are you saying you can just take your name and break it with a random dot?
blacklit (old skool) - 6 years ago
does the dot (.) and plus (+) work on this email as it does in gmail? e.g. myname@gmail.com, my.name@gmail.com, myname+anyword@gmail.com?
ltran88 (L1 New Member) - 7 years ago
I was wondering if there was anyway to log into my spoofee email account through a smart phone, perhaps through the gmail email client?
spazntwitch (It's like déj- vu again) - 7 years ago
Glad to hear that you got it OK.
anonwoh (L1 New Member) - 7 years ago
Thanks for your reply. I just had an epiphany or something and remembered my pw. It just suddenly came to me after a few months of thinking it over. All is well. Thank you spazntwitch for your help and efforts. Cheers.
spazntwitch (It's like déj- vu again) - 7 years ago
Reply to anonwoh

I'll send Spoofee a PM to see if he can look at it.
anonwoh (L1 New Member) - 7 years ago
I am sorry for bringing up an old thread but I forgot my pw to my Spoofee email. I followed the instructions and sent an email to webmaster ]@[ spoofee.com for pw recovery but no one has responded. Is there another way I can recover my account?
Babyboomerlady (L7 Private) - 8 years ago
thanks I'll have to see how to do it also ,
spazntwitch (It's like déj- vu again) - 8 years ago
Yes, Babyboomerlady. You need to PM Spoofee with the user name you would like. He'll get you set up.
Babyboomerlady (L7 Private) - 8 years ago
can you still have a email act ?
dbee (L10 Deal Goddess) - 8 years ago
Why didn't I ever notice this before? :rofl:

:nonod: Not that I need it :lol:
precocious (Goody 2 Shoes Goddess TY) - 8 years ago
I got an email forwarded to my yahoo to reset the goddess account with a new password....

I tried and got this....

Google Accounts

The URL you tried to use is either incorrect or no longer valid.

precocious (Goody 2 Shoes Goddess TY) - 8 years ago
Reply to spazntwitch

Thanks Spaz, check your email....I got yours forwarded to an alternate account.....:noidea:
spazntwitch (It's like déj- vu again) - 8 years ago
Reply to c2c4c6

I've let Spoofee know about your account too.
spazntwitch (It's like déj- vu again) - 8 years ago
Preco, I'm not sure what is going on with your e-mail but I just sent a test message and it didn't get returned. I'll make sure Spoofee sees your post; maybe all he has to do is reset your password.
precocious (Goody 2 Shoes Goddess TY) - 8 years ago
:thinking: Not sure what is going on here..................:suspicious:

I tried to log into my "Goddess" account but had to create a new 'gmail' email account.....

I cannot access the 'spoofee' old emails nor contacts......:noidea:

Did Spoofee discontinue this?

Also, anyone who I conversed with via email, please contact me and I will give you the 'new' addy as your contact addies I no longer have access to. You know, just in case I get banned again.....:tongue:


:shhh:I might need some minions....:wink:
TAZMAN (L17 Officer) - 8 years ago
Thanks for the bump precocious but I do not think anyone monitors the email anymore for new requests? I signed up when you posted this and still have not heard anything back.
precocious (Goody 2 Shoes Goddess TY) - 8 years ago
c2c4c6 (L1 New Member) - 9 years ago
I can't get into my Spoofee mail account. I need help.
Hybrid Spade (L6 Recruit) - 9 years ago
Yes, but it lets you have the email name you want.
LiveSquid (Banned) - 9 years ago
How is this a hot deal? Does it save me money? I mean, its nice of you, but its hardly a deal. Free emails can be gotten at tens if not hundreds of other places too.
Hybrid Spade (L6 Recruit) - 9 years ago
Hey, I like this new email!
trinity1983 (L10 Corporal) - 9 years ago
I PM'ed you.
fudgepig (L9 Corporal) - 9 years ago
Nice -- a good place to give as an e- mail address when I register for goodies. Thanks!!
gjazs1122 (L13 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
thank you spoofee!!! :bigok:
JdgM3NT4L (L12 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
Thank You!!!!
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 9 years ago
Reply to joemamahunt

joemama, let me know what your username is and I can close your account.
Odyssey27 (Call of Duty) - 9 years ago
Thanks! This will be great.
Hybrid Spade (L6 Recruit) - 9 years ago
Whoa, I just noticed this thread is a year old lol.

Anyways, I have to wait 5 days before my info is sent
joemamahunt (L6 Recruit) - 9 years ago
Mmmm.. So I see now that it is completely gmail, just using the @spoofee.com domain and the spoofee logos..

I'm sorry but, how can I close my account?
I have too many emails I realized today.
Hybrid Spade (L6 Recruit) - 9 years ago
I sent you an email spoofee :D

Hopefully I can get:

gauravjain (L0 N00b) - 1 decade ago
Hi Guys...How do I register for a new Spoofee email account! Please help.
whttgr (L12 Sergeant) - 1 decade ago
Reply to stebimaxx

you will have to enable POP under settings before it will let you. i believe the settings link is in the top right hand corner. then one of the tabs is "forwarding and POP" you need to enable POP downloading.

stebimaxx (L9 Corporal) - 1 decade ago
Thanks got my email account but cant seem to get pop to work:(
SCMilitaryWife (L9 Corporal) - 1 decade ago
fantastic!! I am signing up now! :)
blacklit (old skool) - 1 decade ago
ygpm ~ thanks
rh2s (L0 N00b) - 1 decade ago
this is great! thanks spoofee!
esdayal (L8 Private) - 1 decade ago
My email has been setup tooo.... Thanks a lot spoofee !!
esdayal (L8 Private) - 1 decade ago
I sent you a PM Spoofee. That is so cool! So Awesome.
llbean (L1 New Member) - 1 decade ago
got it.~thanks a lot!!
Chumtoad (L0 N00b) - 1 decade ago
Thank you, sir.
kuRupt (L3 Member) - 1 decade ago
got my reply and i just set up my email. thx spoofee!!!! you're the best!!
He3x (L13 Sergeant) - 1 decade ago
Reply to LiveSquid
Thanks, LS. But at work, I don't get access to POP. But I sort of found a way by forwarding e-mails to my work addy ;)
auddieoc (L0 N00b) - 1 decade ago
awesome, got it...thanks.:bigok:
buckinbronco (L3 Member) - 1 decade ago
Thanks for the free mail account! Great idea.
john.michele (L0 N00b) - 1 decade ago
Is this a PM to spoofee.com? - john.michele@spoofee.com
How do you direct a PM?
Babyboomerlady (L7 Private) - 1 decade ago
Send you a P.M. thanks
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 1 decade ago
Okay, I think everyone up to this time is now replied back to with login information.

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