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Free Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Ben & Jerry and More on Election Day

Posted: 11/06/12 09:42 am ( 1 year ago )
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By glitterdog
L16 Senior Member
(Expired) Free Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Ben & Jerry and More Election Day

A few stores are offering freebies for the 2012 Election Day

Blockbuster is offering a free $0.99 rental. Just click "I Voted" on their website

Buca di Beppo are offering these election day coupons

California Pizza Kitchen will give $5 off online order with code "VOTED"

California Tortilla will give you a free taco with an "I Voted" sticker

Chili's is offering a free appetizer. Just go to their Facebook page and click "Get Offer"

Daily Grill will give you a free appetizer with an "I Voted" sticker

Eatn Park will give you a free coffee

Einstein Bros will give a free bagel and shmear with an "I Voted" sticker

Macaroni Grill is offering $10 off $20 online orders with code RMGTOGO

Macys is offering a 20% off sale. Use code ELECT to get 20% off online

McDonalds will give you hot coffee for $1

Olive Garden will give you a free Dolicini with an entree purchase and "I Voted" sticker

On the Border will give you a free sopapillas when you purchase one entree. Must go to their page and claim offer on Facebook

Shanes Rib Shack will give you a free Vote America Meal with an "I Voted" sticker

Starbucks will give you a free indivisible bracelet

Taco Bueno will give you free guac and chips

Tijuana Flats will give you a free appetizer with an "I Voted" sticker

Tim Hortons will give you a free doughnut with drink purchase + "I Voted" sticker

White Castle will give you a free sweet potato waffle-cut fries with purchase + "I Voted" sticker

Z-Burger will give you a free burger with an "I Voted" sticker

Zipcar is offering half off member rates

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Hot Tub (L5 Interested Member) - 1 year ago
Ditto on the Chick-Fill-A. The person behind the counter said he knew nothing about the free sandwich. Was on the Spoofee list this morning but was taken down later in the day. Ate there anyway.
susan6368 (L4 Interested Member) - 1 year ago
Chick-fil-a here said they didn't know anything about it. Bought a couple sandwiches anyway :-)
sun22beam (WrinklySpazticTutz-o-fish) - 1 year ago
Reply to Guest

perhaps they meant invisible?
Guest - 1 year ago
Starbucks didn't have any indivisible bracelets... :(
Guest - 1 year ago
Sigh... to Guest, 'kind of discriminatory'? Is it even worth it to point that out when half the comments are from those who voted early and therefore did not receive 'I voted' stickers? And there are those who don't live near any of these chains, or they do but their location isn't participating. When stores give other people junk food and don't give me any, I sure feel discriminated against.
bennyp (L3 Curious Member) - 1 year ago
Shane's Rib Shack must be on a place by place. Mine said they had no idea what I was talking about.
Guest - 1 year ago
starbucks is not giving free coffee and chick fi la is not giving nothing free :(
Jexx (I killed Ms. Pacman) - 1 year ago
I voted 2 weeks ago during early voting. I have no idea where my 'I voted' sticker is now. :(
Guest - 1 year ago
What if you voted by mail and no 'I voted' sticker?
Guest - 1 year ago
No stickers at my pooling place!!
Guest - 1 year ago
no starbucks this year
cusslerfan (L5 Interested Member) - 1 year ago
McD's is $1 any size coffee, NOT $1 off.
Guest - 1 year ago
most are absolute rubbish.. scams. gimmicks.. not worth the gas to drive out .. point to ponder...
Rockstar (Remember Me?) - 1 year ago
McDonalds is indeed only offering $1 coffees, their usual special.
Guest - 1 year ago
Hooters is giving 20% off your bill when you come in with the 'I Voted' sticker
Purringlady (Freebie Hunting Tigress) - 1 year ago
Oh crud! Living in the boonies has its ups & its downs..... and this is definitely a downer moment. We don't have a Kristy Creme or Ben Jerrys. And... don't laugh, but the only Starbucks is 120 miles away. :cussing:
omnisbaby (L9 Spoofeed Member) - 1 year ago
starbucks coffee is from 2008 not doing it this election i was told :/
srtasa (L9 Spoofeed Member) - 1 year ago
nothing on ben and jerrys website or their fb page
sun22beam (WrinklySpazticTutz-o-fish) - 1 year ago
Reply to Spoofee

you're welcome. I figured I'd scope out my city by phone versus in person. It will save a lot of time/embarrassment for me. :yesnod:
sun22beam (WrinklySpazticTutz-o-fish) - 1 year ago
ok, the Chick-fil-A employee was very polite but stated he has no clue of what I'm talking about. Where is all of this info originating about the freebies? I'm afraid to drop by Starbucks tomorrow. :rofl:
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 1 year ago
Thanks sun22beam :)
sun22beam (WrinklySpazticTutz-o-fish) - 1 year ago
I'm going to call ChickFilA now. Wish me luck.
sun22beam (WrinklySpazticTutz-o-fish) - 1 year ago
Krispy Kreme is definitely on a "store to store" basis. bunch of idiots. LOL I just called to ask if a particular store is participating and the guy says "oh, i have no idea"....so I respond "Ok, is there someone there you can ask?" He says "yeah, hang on." So, I'm on hold and then a girl comes on and asks if she can help me and I say "No, I had a question and someone else is already helping me. Thanks." So she sits there and I hear breathing for about 4 minutes and then she says "So, you wanna just call back when you know what you are going to order?" I say "I'm not placing an order. I had a question and a guy is getting a response for me. " A few more minutes on hold and she says "So, do you know what you want now?" :faint: :doh: I end up asking her if they participate. She says "oh, no...we don't participate in anything." I guess an education was optional too.
Guest - 1 year ago
Hey guys just a word of caution.

Section 597 of Title 18 of United States Code:

Whoever makes or offers to make an expenditure to any person, either to vote or withhold his vote, or to vote for or against any candidate; and whoever solicits, accepts, or receives any such expenditure in consideration of his vote or the withholding of his vote—shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if the violation was willful, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
Guest - 1 year ago
@anime so you're upset you get free cut up SAMPLE bits of a donut and not a whole free donut and you're calling them the cheapskates?

i understand if a franchise doesn't want to participate in a corporate promotion, that's their decision and they could possibly lose money and not be reimbursed by corporate. i hate it when people feel entitled to free things.
deal06seeker (L7 Experienced Member) - 1 year ago
I googled Chick-Fil-A and didn't see a thing about this. Called my local store and they don't know anything about this either.
Guest - 1 year ago
how do you get an I Voted sticker if you did a mail in ballot?
Anime (L4 Interested Member) - 1 year ago
I would guess this is NOT nationwide, and at 'participating locations only'.

My local Krispy Kreme never participates in anything except National Doughnut Day. They don't even give out free sample donuts anymore, just cut up bits of a donut. Cheapskates.
Guest - 1 year ago
I voted, but didn't get a I Voted sticker. Didn't see them, either.
Guest - 1 year ago
Kinda discriminatory for those of us legal residents that are not citizens (so cannot vote)
Pat 137 (L12 Spoofee Addict) - 1 year ago
Where do you get the "I Voted" sticker? Will they have them at all voting locations? I've never seen one before, and I vote all the time.
tutz (floobyspazgoddess wannabe) - 1 year ago
lots of people on the east coast without power that are gonna be grateful. assuming that some how they can find out with no power...
sun22beam (WrinklySpazticTutz-o-fish) - 1 year ago
Election Day Freebies - Alpha Consumer (usnews.com)

krispy kreme too??? :druel:

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