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Spoofee.com has been around for over 5 years helping consumers find deals and coupons everyday. Spoofee.com currently has over 1 million visitors every month and the traffic / community continues to grow everyday. Buying a banner ad on Spoofee will help your business name to be exposed to many. Best of all, it's cheap and no long contract is required!

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The following rates are available and space can be reserved at any time.

Plan A - 468 x 60 Banner
- Your banner will rotate with 9 other banners on top of the page.

- Requires you to submit a 468 x 60 image or flash banner.

- Roughly, your ad will be shown 5000 / day.

- 1 Month for $100

- Special : 6 Months for $500 (one free month)

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