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TGIF / TGI Fridays - Buy 1 Entree, Get 1 Free

Posted: 02/11/09 04:20 am ( 9 years ago )
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TGIF / TGI Fridays Buy 1 Entree, Get 1 Free

TGI Fridays is offering a Buy One Entree, Get One Free coupon!

Expires 03/01/09

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jdurbin (L14 Officer) - 9 years ago
We got a BOGO coupon in the mail last week. It was for the Jack Daniel's entrees and there was another one for any of the lunches. TGIF is certainly hurting for customers. We're going there tonight with both the web coupon and the Jack Daniel's coupon to make sure we are covered. We will also ask about the 1/2 price appetizers.
harrkev (L7 Private) - 9 years ago
I went with my wife today, and got two lunches for under $11 (plus tip on the full amount). Note that I did make sure to ask the waitress if the coupon was valid for lunch and lunch entrees. She said "yes." I got a "triple stack" burger and my wife got a sirloin with mac-n-cheese. The waitress even gave the coupon back!

She said that the were a LOT busier than normal, and both tables near us used the same coupon ;)

The company web site appears to be down now.
thoreau (L12 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
I got one in my email this morning and used it to take my daughter to lunch. Worked great.
woongku (L6 Recruit) - 9 years ago
TGI Fridays is offering a Buy One Entree, Get One Free coupon!
I got this one from my company HR.

Expires 03/01/09

Spread the fun and enjoy this offer!* It can be used over and over again until March 1, 2009.

Izzy (L7 Private) - 9 years ago
Oh yea!! I've been wanting to go there for a while now... they have awesome food!
Kage_ (Super Moderator) - 9 years ago
Used it in South Texas and it worked great. :) The Jack Danial's Ribs are great!
groove1 (L17 Officer) - 9 years ago
The ones near me are always crowded...The wait on a Friday or Saturday even is usually 30-60 minutes.
kcbedo (L5 Recruit) - 9 years ago
We used one of these coupons Saturday. The place was deserted, and the food was terrible. I wonder if this is one of those last ditch promotions before going out of business.
jdurbin (L14 Officer) - 9 years ago
We have two kids so a BOGO doesn't always sway us but if we can also get a 1/2 price appetizer then it makes it more compelling. One of the kids can get chicken fingers. Service is always iffy at TGIF though. We do have one close by though!
groove1 (L17 Officer) - 9 years ago
My friend used it and the manager did come over...to thank her and her boyfriend for using it and to keep it and use it again since it's good until March! This was at the one at Rivergate shopping center in Charlotte!
ULTIMATEgrafx (Just Call Me Christi) - 9 years ago
I got this direct link in my email this morning, it is from the friday's website, so if the meanager didn't honor your coupon, it's time to call friday's corporate!!

lovefreebees (Queen of Allure) - 9 years ago
we used it and it worked fine, plus half price on appetizers. we asked before ordering. great coupon thanks for sharing
bullonwallst (L0 N00b) - 9 years ago
Reply to ayziana

I would complain about this to your store and go get your bill adjusted. This is a valid coupon!

Yes, it does work. A friend and I used the coupon last night and then gave it back to us to use again as well. Paid 23 dollars with tip for 2 dinners that cost 16.50 a piece. Not 2 bad.

Here is a Qdoba 2 for 1 if anyone is interested. If anyone has anymore 2 for 1 dinners let me know..



ayziana (L0 N00b) - 9 years ago
tried to use this at Friday's and the manager got called over. it was an invalid coupon and quite an embarassing situation.
mandejapan (L3 Member) - 9 years ago
Worked for us today with no problems. We used it in Columbia, MD.
pabucfan (L11 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
I forgot about the half off appetizers! On a $24 check we only payed $16. $3.45 for mozzerella sticks and then buy one get one entree'.
palmtree (L13 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
Thanks to the original poster & all those who posted that it worked for them. My sister is going to pick up dinner for us tonight so I e-mailed the coupon to her!
xbrennax (L3 Member) - 9 years ago
I used it last night at their Boynton Beach, FL location. Not only did it work, but our Fridays also has the same half off appetizer deal as another poster mentioned. So the boyfriend and I saved about 22 bucks last night! (Although the service was awful... food was still yummy and partially free!)
pabucfan (L11 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
I used it last night and yes it works. Infact the manager came out and handed it back to me and said to continue using it as it is good on multiple visits. Thanks to whoever posted it.
gazint (L10 Corporal) - 9 years ago
Reply to nunosiii

Awesome! Glad I was wrong!:clap::clap::clap:
nunosiii (L0 N00b) - 9 years ago
Sorry, first time posting. Hope this goes through. Went to Friday's tonight and this coupon WORKS! Ordered a JD New York for my wife and myself and just like the coupon said, we got one of the entrees free. Saved us 19.99. Also, at this location, if you order ONE entree you get an appetizer for 1/2 off. Appetizer that was normally 8.50, we got for 4.25! The waitress had not seen it before, but read it and then went back and they honored it! It was awesome! Thanks for whoever posted. Saved us almost $25 on dinner tonight. This was in Fresno, CA:) I'll be going a few more times before March 1st!
ShadoWolf (L5 Recruit) - 9 years ago
Reply to 91Bear

I don't need to tell you why this coupon is legit & it works, READ it please, you may notice a couple things that answer all of your questions.

Print it, use it, Eat at Fridays in February! :tongue:
dmlawren (L0 N00b) - 9 years ago
I used it and it works!!! I'm eating my food right now...:yesnod::eating:
altonb1 (L9 Corporal) - 9 years ago
Reply to ULTIMATEgrafx

Repped because I found this comment funny.
ULTIMATEgrafx (Just Call Me Christi) - 9 years ago
someone go out and use it!! It's friday night, go eat! LOL
gazint (L10 Corporal) - 9 years ago
Folks... I got mine today. BUT it has my name on it, just as this one has "Michael Smith" on it. It also has an identification and bar code to your 'stripes' card from TGI fridays... Would be very surprised if this worked without (a) being the intended owner (b) without even a stripes card!:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Reply to Spoofee
thoreau (L12 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
I didn't get one from my stripes membership.
frharrell (L11 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
It's legit.

Coupon was emailed to people who registered their "Stripes" cards.

Fine Print says "Spread the Joy! Send this coupon to your coworkers, friends, and family. This is normally a one time offer, but not this time! Send it to everyone you know so they can use it over and over again until March 1, 2009! Limit one per party, per visit"

I think I'll be eating at Friday's a lot in the coming month.
Hot Tub (L10 Corporal) - 9 years ago
Unless you have to drive a long way to the restaurant, why not just walk in and ask the hostess if she will accept the coupon? If she says no, just walk out.
altonb1 (L9 Corporal) - 9 years ago
This was originally posted at that "slick" site that offers "deals", including the coupon that the OP "modified" to have a different name than the original coupon that was sent. It may work, but I expect that it will be seen as coupon fraud at some point during the promotion.
omahastylee (The mailman hates me.) - 9 years ago
These types of coupons often turn out to be fake. I'll wait until someone says they successfully used it before I try.
auryn (L7 Private) - 9 years ago
I would love to know if anyone used this succesfully.

I love the new Fridays menu.
smidge1 (proud grandma of parker) - 9 years ago
got mine this morning.
91Bear (L8 Private) - 9 years ago
What if my name is not Michael Smith?
mamapida9 (L13 Sergeant) - 9 years ago
It says on there to send it to everyone you know so they can use it too. Looks like it should be good! Thanks!

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