24 Assorted Roses + Vase + Chocolate for $29.99 Shipped

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24 Assorted Roses + Vase + Chocolate for $29.99 Shipped
Sophia Davis

Feb 12th 2007 03:54 pm

ProFlowers.com has 24 assorted roses /w free vase and a box of chocolates for $29.99 shipped.

Note : Cheapest would be to go to your nearby grocery store to pickup some flowers / chocolate, but if you have work/school, this is a slick way.

Update : Link is now fixed.

1. Click here to get $10 off
2. Click here to see the 24 assorted roses /w free vase + chocolate deal
Final Price : $19.99 + Ship($10)

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  • whttgr
    whttgr - 1 decade ago
    L12 Sergeant
    Reply to coopins

    thanks for the review! i'll steer clear.
  • mspuzzle
    mspuzzle - 1 decade ago
    L1 New Member
    either way, these flowers are not a deal. they arrive at the receipient unarranged. they have to get water, cut the ends, arrange the flowers all at their work desk?! very unpractical.
  • icreatedesigns
    icreatedesigns - 1 decade ago
    L1 New Member
    They must be getting hip to us Spoofee folk. They bumped up the price to $49.99. Here is the final price shipped:

    24 Assorted Petite Roses w/
    FREE Vase & Chocolates $49.99
    Glass Ginger Vase $0.00
    Valentine`s Chocolates $0.00
    $10 Off for Special Customers -$10.00
    Subtotal: $39.99
    Tax: $2.00
    Standard Express Delivery $9.99
    Guaranteed Feb. 14 Delivery $9.99
    Grand Total: $61.97
  • icreatedesigns
    icreatedesigns - 1 decade ago
    L1 New Member
    They must be getting hip to us Spoofeers. The price is now $49.99 ($39.99 with the $10 off), but then $20 for shipping so ends up being $61.97 shipped. Not a great deal.
  • MissMystikle
    MissMystikle - 1 decade ago
    L5 Recruit
    You can still get this deal today so long as your order before noon pacific time ($20 ship for tomorrow delivery). The flowers are full size and guarenteed for 7 days. Any problems just call Proflowers and they'll fix you up :)
  • jdurbin
    jdurbin - 1 decade ago
    L14 Officer
    I took advantage of this about a month ago and it was without the vase or chocolates (but they were the full-sized roses.) They're being delivered today. I'll be ticked off if they suck.

    I ordered some flowers yesterday for a buddy who's dad died. He'll be too polite to tell me if they sucked.
  • niji1875
    niji1875 - 1 decade ago
    L12 Sergeant
    My gf loved the petite roses I got her one time.
  • Colony
    Colony - 1 decade ago
    L11 Sergeant
    Hopefully Valentine's stuff will be cheaper on Thursday or Friday.
  • precocious
    precocious - 1 decade ago
    Goody 2 Shoes Goddess TY
    I've gotten proflowers.com in the past and have been very disappointed. The best flowers of this sort I've found to be Kabloom.com, they last a really long time. They are a bit more tho.
  • humsuplou
    humsuplou - 1 decade ago
    L0 N00b
    How did you get 29.99 shipped?
    The lowest I get is 39.99+tax=43.xx
  • tigger_too_wooh
  • coopins
    coopins - 1 decade ago
    L6 Recruit
    I got these last time they were on spoofee. Some were already looking withered and they were tiny. They are not regular roses. They are mini ones. They are delivered by ups in a box which isn't great for them. I'm not using proflowers to get flowers for my girlfriend anymore. Use 1800flowers, they use local florists. VETERAN at 1800flowers gets you 20% off.
  • tigger_too_wooh
    tigger_too_wooh - 1 decade ago
    Oskee Wow Wow!
    Is there a code to use for this?

    I'd like to go through upromise too.
  • spazntwitch
    spazntwitch - 1 decade ago
    It's like déj- vu again
    Corrected $10 off link

    Valentines delivery is an additional $9.99.