Dunkin Donuts - Free Med Hot or Iced Coffee Mondays in March

Posted on Mar 08th 2010
Dunkin Donuts - Free Med Hot or Iced Coffee Mondays in March
By glitterdog


Dunkin Donuts is offering a free cup of medium hot or iced coffee

Offer is good for Mondays in March

Participation may vary. One per person per visit. Offer valid on 3/8, 3/15, 3/22 and 3/29 only

- Click here to see offer
- Call your local Dunkin Donuts to see they are offering the deal to be safe

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palmtree - 1 decade ago
L13 Sergeant
The DD near me tried to charge me when I went this past Monday. I went through their drive through in the evening and they even were advertising the promotion on their menu! I just politely pointed that out & she took off the amt. Maybe she was having a bad day.
Arbed427 - 1 decade ago
L1 New Member
Log in Dunkinathome.com
tmbggirl - 1 decade ago
L6 Recruit
Worked here in CT at the place near my college. I printed a copy of the website and showed the clerk - he wasn't aware of the promo but honored it and kept my printout. Free medium iced coffee light and sweet kept me going through three hours of class tonight!

Just a tip: You'll probably have more luck if the DD is not one that is located within a grocery or convenience store. Having worked in a cafe that "proudly serves Starbucks coffee", we were never able to honor any promotions run in an actual Starbucks or sell Starbucks giftcards. Our company only had a licensing agreement to be able to use their name and sell their product.
sleeper22 - 1 decade ago
L13 Sergeant
No-go in Orlando
evefuuu - 1 decade ago
L0 N00b
Burtonsville, MD location said their district was not participating - not sure how big a district is, but I suggest calling ahead.
dhaval007 - 1 decade ago
L0 N00b
Yea its true they are offering free coffee one 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 2/29 but make sure u have a correct store of a dunkin who are eligible for this offer.. Or else just click the dunkin site in which find u r store under this offer... Enjoy u r free coffee. Thanks
Mateo1041 - 1 decade ago
L13 Sergeant
None in Minnesota. I thought they used to be more wide-spread. :-(
goatzee - 1 decade ago
L8 Private
thanks i love a free coffee!
xvoltagex - 1 decade ago
L7 Private
Same question here as Grace. Where is this promotion mentioned- website, email, Facebook, etc? I'd really like to go today if it's valid!
Grace33083 - 1 decade ago
L11 Sergeant
Is this promotion posted on their website somewhere? Do you have the link? Thanks!