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  1. I am! I've been with my bf for a little over 2 years and all is well in-line dancing? How nice! It sounds like fun! Dont know if you have heard but we had a snow storm late last month! and the weather has been chilly ever since. Its not normal I tell you The cold has come way too early this year! Yea I will be spending it with my family and I will also be going with my bf to his family dinners too so it looks pretty packed as of right now BLACK FRIDAY!? YES! I will be going right after dinner this year with my bf and I have my my shopping list and I'm also gonna help my bf do about 99% of his christmas shopping too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping... Oh I can only imagine all the stuff you have to put up with and deal with (all sorts of customers, especially those ANNOYING ones).

    I hope you will have a fun holiday too with your loved ones! Oh dont worry we will keep in touch unlike last time! I'm so glad you dropped by and said hi
  2. You're in love All is well with me. It is getting cool in Chicago. We have 60 degrees today!! I took some line dancing classes. I want to take them again in the spring. How is the weather by you? Are you ready for the holidays. I will spend mine with my family. Do you shop on black Friday? I have to work. I really don't care too much for it. I use to work in retail. The experience is not good. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!! Hopefully It won't take forever for us to keep in touch.
  3. Hey Long time no talk! Hows it going?
  4. Hi sweetie!!!
  5. oh thats terrible!! i do hope the snow wont hit your part of town!!! we just got a bit of snow and then theres ice and slush later on which i do not like! I prefer just snow but maybe the rain will melt a bit of what we have been getting...

    oh i wish spring is coming soon so we can say good-bye to the snow

    stay safe when driving and stay warm
  6. Hi sweetie!! Chicago is due for a serious storm. 30 inches altogether from Tuesday - Wednesday. I hope it only hits the northern part not the southern part. Anyway, I can live through it. Has your city closed anything? Chicago doesn't have a snow day. Our snow plows are always ready. Keep warm!!!
  7. Happy new year to you too!! I've been okay how about yourself? hows the weather there? new york has been cold and getting endless snow!!
  8. Hi sweetie, Happy New year. I hope all is well with you.
  9. We got like ONE lol but its all good..Oh that's great! I'm glad to hear you are getting vacation time before thanksgiving too! I want to see Megamind and Due Date this weekend..if I do I will let you know how they are!

    Enjoy your weekend too!
  10. Halloween was good I did'nt get any trick or treaters this year. I live in a community. I think they had parties for the kids. How was yours? I have not seen SAW yet. I have another vacation the week before Thanksgiving!!!! I will try to see it then. The weather in Chi-town is cool. The high 40's. We are getting some rain. I hope you enjoy your weekend
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