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  1. whoops. wrong forum.
  2. I usually enjoy Japan, and this time was no exception. Went to Kojima (in Okayama) which is the Honshu end of the Seto Big Bridge, and went to Kanazawa, where I used to live years ago. Other than that, I just banged around in Sannomiya and Umeda.

    The plus side for your view on souvenirs is that, once you open your totoro shrine to the public you'll be able to charge admission and make back all your investment. ;) The stuff I tend to buy is edible, and so very little of it makes it back to the US -- kibi dango, karukan, ayu, and other seasonal and regional sweets.
  3. Hi monk! How was your japan trip? You have very good self control. I ended up spending way too much on cute things in Japan. My theory is.. might as well get it since i'm rarely here. Bad theory for my bank account.. but good theory for my horde of cute things.
  4. I just got back from Japan and was on the verge of buying any number of Totoro items. I was mostly interested in a totoro dangly thing for my cell phone, but the cuter ones of those were outside my budget. 1050 yen for a dangly strap thing is just a bit much. I wound up settling for a few pins I can stick on my hat (200 yen each).
  5. Hi monky,

    I like totoro. In fact I love totoro. If you went to my room, I have a mini shrine full of totoro stuffed animals and what not. I just thought I should change it up a little bit. I only changed it maybe a week ago. But thanks for your input.
  6. I liked the totoro. But I'm here so infrequently now that I don't even rightly know how long ago you changed.

    (not that there's anything WRONG with cat pictures. just that I like totoro.)
  7. how will totoro set his grammar back? lots of words don't transform for the plural. 1 deer, 2 deer. or better still, 1 fish, 2 fish (red fish blue fish)
  8. I think the plural of totoro is totoro.
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