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  1. I'm sooo sorry my friend. Just stay active. Like I did.. You'll get one..Might not be the holiday voxbox but maybe the January one which I'm hearing is utterly special and fantastic.
    Do reviews even though you didn't get the stuff.(on things u've tried) .
    Your day willcome soon!: )
  2. I am beyong ticked off. I did EVERYTHING Influenster asked and I didn't get picked. I NEVER get picked for anything. Already have a blog, twitter and tweeted several times, fb, got my badges, was totally active on their page with reviews and I got nada. Going to sulk now :(
  3. Hope you have a great wekend!
  4. Thanks babs! Heard what happened w/ livesquid I'm sooo sooo sorry to hear about this! You poor dear! I'm having the time of my life at work but need a lot of retraining! It's nice to have people coming out of the wood work welcoming me back.
    I can't wait to get on the phones to make the real money but that will be about 2 months!:*(
    Also I straightened out my vacation! I'm off w/ pay from Nov 29- jan 2nd!
    and have a week carried over into next year too! Too bad I can only carry over 1 week and that was from last year! ;-)
    hope u have a great weekend!
  5. Hope you are having a good week back at work.
  6. Thanks Babs! BTW- been praying for you! The Migraines are there but not as bad w/ the current meds...I do have a central nervous system whereby my optic nerve isn't in "sync" so to speak causing my dizzy spells..drs said this can all be controlled but never cured! At least it's controllable..
    also I am going back to work this monday on limited duty! Can't wait as it's been over 11 months i've been out of work!
    Money is tight but i really miss my co-workers and my boss who welcomed me back w/ open arms. I called her and then went there to drop off my return to work papers.
    Chat later! Glad we became friends!
  7. I'm so sorry to hear of all the pain that you have been through, especially with the accident and lawsuit. I hope you come out a winner. I am still fighting the pain everyday with headaches from the brain tumor I had removed in Jan. It seems like we all suffer with something.
    Anywho, I hope you are having a great day!
  8. Thanks Babs! NO i've got a permanent condition whereby my central nervous system and my optic nerve is not in sync causing massive dizzy spells..when I went to the dr's office yesterday said it's something we can "CONTROL" but that "THERE IS NO CURE"! At least it's controlable! ;-)
    THe insurance wanted to settle for a mere $15K my medical bills exceed that by about 4k and i'm out over 55K in pay and bonuses from AT&T so even if we cap it off at the $100K and get the $10K underinsured coverage by the time my attorneys get their fair share and medical bills gets paid i'm still out! I lose no matter what! The attorney took it to a litigation attorney w/in the firm..they met w/ about 4 of them..they stated we have a great case and we're not going to settle!
  9. That's fantastic news! I can only assume that you will be nervous and all, but you will be fine. Are you ok with the accident? I mean is everything ok since then? Best wishes to you and this is great news!
  10. Hi babs! Doing Great thanks! Hope same is w/ you! I got GREAT NEWS! I get to go back to work on July 14th! Been out since this car accident on Aug 2nd 2007! Can't wait! Even stopped by work and saw my boss! She can't wait for me to get back to work! I'm sooo neverous but I know I'll get thru that!
    Hope all is well w/ you!
    Luv Sunni! ;-)
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