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  1. Happy (DRY) Easter!
  2. Still drying out here~but blessedly we did not suffer the severe flooding like many are experiencing. That was the loooongest N'oreaster I ever remember having come through........!
  3. How did you survive that wicked rain storm???? My back yard is FLOODED!!!!
  4. Hello my 'tini friend!! Well, so far I have not woken up in Kansas but wow!those winds are something! DH is shagging the barrels out of the yard for the third time!

    I personally have no vested interest in the Super Bowl (wait...did that sound too bitter?) but Chuck seems to want the Saints to win so I will oblige.

    Actually, I think his initial wish was anyone, please anyone but the #@!* Jets!!!
  5. Hi, Sweet! You still there or has that wind swept you up and carried you away??? It is wicked out there! who are you pulling for in the Super Bowl????
  6. Well, we put off the shoveling all day because we used the long weekend to paint one of our we got to break our backs after painting all weekend...what the heck was I thinking?!!!

    The hall looks sooo good now I must say~but it's not saying much as what was there was wallpaper that was like (no kidding) 50 years old!! Just one of those projects that fell to the bottom of the list...over and over again!! Will try to post ugly to duckling pics tomorrow if I get a chance!

    Well sweetie have a 'tini and put your dawgs up~living in NE in winter makes you earn that right!!
  7. O...M....G.......the effin phone has been a nightmare

    I have had over 16 calls this weekend and please tell me how that is going to help get the vote out?

    All I could think of was my father in his final days and every time the phone rang you died a little....I know people this weekend there people are in that same situation where you can't turn your phone off and it is ringing off the hook for this nonsense. They should be ashamed. One more shining example that neither candidate is doing any of this for is all about me-me-me. ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH.
  8. Oh, and is your back about as sore as mine from that heavy wet slush outside? Did you get much?
  9. Will you be as happy as me when the election is over and the ads will stop and so will my phone ringing???? Geepers!!!
  10. Thank you for the heads up!! Caught hubby and company right before they left with the special ceremony update. Thye have packed enough clothes that I imagine they will like the brother in "A Christmas Story" with their arms stuck out by their sides unable to move and nothing but their eyes showing!!

    I worship at the shrine of Belichick and believe every week he will do his best to get us through. Hoping Wilfork had a big day; still little worried about the loss of Wes......
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