"Steve Jobs has created another monster. After taking in more than $4 million in Jobs' iPhone App Store, the independently developed game Angry Birds is in talks for a movie or TV show and just inked a toy deal.

Angry Birds became the best selling game on the iPhone and now, TechCrunch reports, will turn into a plush toy. Meanwhile, Variety says the game's maker Rovio has taken meetings with studio heads and agents about a movie or TV franchise. Among the names Rovio's CEO dropped to the trade, albeit in passing: Pixar, the Disney subsidiary once owned by... Jobs, who remains the largest shareholder (and a board member) at Disney. Let's see: Sold on Jobs' store for use on Jobs' phone and then optioned into a movie for Jobs' studio. That would make the Apple CEO the most vertically integrated media mogul of the 21st Century. Let's hope he uses his power for good, not evil (i.e. no Plants Vs Zombies flicks)."

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