This deal might work out to be $25 also, if the $10 mail in rebate works. I/O Magic External USB 2.0 CD-RW.

1. Enter OfficeMax and enter 11771909 for $20 off $75.
2. Search for the CD-RW at 714520 ($70)
3. Add $5 of your choice to get over $75.
4. Send in the $10 and $20 rebates. Send the UPC COPY to the $20 one.


Note that OfficeMax screwed up the rebates on this one. The $10 rebate says "internal drive" while the model number matches up to the external drive. I/O Magic rebates have a bad reputation. The OfficeDepot $20 one will definitely work though.

UPDATE: With free shipping, the drive drops down to $20, an un-heard-of price for an external CD-RW.