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Thread: How to Get a Discount on Sirius XM Radio Subscription

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    are they asking for the $20.61 Royalty Fees in addition? That's what my letter says.

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    i have sirius in my can i get it in my house...what equipment should I buy..I have Apple Products now.

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    Got All Access plus Internet Radio for 6 mos @ $49.99. $57 total with taxes and fees.

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    I just called and got the 5 month offer, and when the rep was recapping the offer for me, she said, ' so you called in today to supposedly cancel your account.' How rude, but she gave me the offer with little resistance so I decided not to bust her chops about it.

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    Just got Select Package for $89 taxes and fees for one year. They also offered All Access plus Internet for $119 taxes and fees for one year. I was hoping they would come down on this price so I asked about the lower package. I honestly was tired of being on the phone. I've been a subscriber for 4 years and have to go through this every time. It's so annoying!

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    Just worked for 100.13 including all fees.

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    I originally received six months free trial, then when I renewed for a year, I was billed $106.00. I just spoke to the rep (Zach) and told him I couldn't afford the traditional renewal rate of $24.99/month and needed to CANCEL. He got me a full year with fees, taxes, and royalty all for $99.84


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    Hey Guys. If you received a survey coming from SiriusXM(for the CSR) just give them 5! So that they can continue the promotional offers.

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    $119.91 for 1 year of all access.

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    Just got a full year for my car for $154 The last 2 weeks they were quoteing me for $212 !!!!!!!

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    Thanks to this site,,,6 months $25...Thanks..

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    $140 for two vehicles for 1 year.

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    Just got 5 months for $20.

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    Thanks to this site also, 6 months $25. Awesome!

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    I tried using the coupon code from Retail Me Not it was for 6 months of service for $24.99. I was told that coupon didn't apply to my radios. I was quoted a renewal of $50.59 (includes taxes & fees) for my first radio & a discounted rate of $37.48 (includes taxes & fees) for my second portable radio. This was for 3 months!! I said no way I can't afford that. Low & behold they came back with a lower rate of $100.13 (includes taxes & fees) for each radio for 1 year - which works out to $8.34 per month. This is a little higher than my last deal which was $28.11 (inc. taxes & fees) for 5 months which was $5.62 per month, but I am so tired of having to remember to call & play 'let's make a deal' that I just took the $8.34/mo. It's half of what they originally wanted to charge me. I can't believe we have to play this game with them. It's like going to buy jewelry with all the marked up prices! UGH!

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