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Thread: How to Get a Discount on Sirius XM Radio Subscription

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    24.99 for 6 months. Pay with CC now. Don't put CC on file. 6 months from now will invoice and charge 2.00 invoice fee, but much cheaper than renewing at full list price automatically. At that time, call in and work out best deal-du-jour.

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    Was able to reduce from 185/yr to 100.13. Why they just don't have that to begin with I don't know. It would be nice if they did an a la carte menu as I really only listen to about 10 stations

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    Wow, I Got My Renewal Bill Yesterday And They're Wanting To Charge Me Almost $197.00 For A Year! They Must've Smoked Their Lunch If They Think I'm Paying Something Like That!

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    4 radios @ 24.99 6 months!

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    They do have an a la carte selection. Check the bottom of the prices page

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    What is best deal for All Access Package?

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    Just worked for me. $25 for 5 months. Renewal was for tomorrow of $164.90. He'll no. Been doing this for years for two cars. Just gotta call. People that don't are losing $

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    My one year free trail expired on May 28. I called on may 30 and the 5 months for $20 was no longer available. I cancelled. I just called back and the guy was able to 'make an exception' and gave me the deal. I will just have to call to cancel by Nov 5 so itdoesn't renew @ $15.99/month. My total for 5 months is $28.08 with fees and taxes.

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    New car free service was about to expire

    all access
    wanted 199.
    got 6 month for 54.96

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    I have a question, I'm trying to activate Sirrius on my vehicle, when I called today for just the all music stations the best deal they could give me is $144 and that's with them taking off the activation fee. I mentioned the 1 year deal that's just over $100, like many have mentioned on this forum and others, and he gave me some line about how my vehicle doesn't qualify (I don't know why '10 Dodge with the radio already built in it would not qualify). Is this typical for a new service? Plus my husband just started the service earlier this week and he said the price quoted was already at a 30% discount because we already have service with them.

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    Just called and renewed for 'XM Select' for $100.13 for the year ($89 sub $11.13 U.S. Music Royalty Fee). Just rescheduled my next call for June 5th of 2015 to play this game again.

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    I am on the phone with them now....WOW - My 6 months was up on May 12, then they renewed me for $101.00 - I was like hell to the no!!! First she wanted to give me a year for $89.00, I said no, The she wanted to give me 6 months for $44.00, I was like hmmm...then I paused and said I don't know - then she said okay, I can give you 5 months for $20.00 ($19.99) - OH YES, THIS WORKS!!!! No Cc listed on file - I will do the invoice!!!

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    Just hung up with them. I'm admittedly not a great negotiator, but got the 6 month 'select' (basic, not all access) plan for 28.11 incl. taxes. I was offered the all access for 54.96.

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    just go the 5month for $29.93 deal for basic, it does come with automatic renewal but I'll call to cancel again in November. Saving $130 for 25 minutes on hold was worth it.

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    i just tonight and the csr told me my phone was'nt one elogible for any discounts. now what do you say?

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