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Thread: How to Get a Discount on Sirius XM Radio Subscription

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    $60 all access for 6 months with taxes and fees (same price as last time). They said no Echo Dot since I did get one last time

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    I encountered a tough crew today. I'm looking for All Access at around what I paid last year - $126 fees and taxes = $155. First CSR would only go down to ~$15/ month. Called back and got down to what I thought she said was $156 with fees and taxes included. It came time to charge my card and shes says two hundred something dollars and I said whoa, that's not what I thought I heard. She goes back and says that she can credit the US Music Royalty fee which is $33. Total is now $167, about $10 increase over last year which is fine by me. I hate playing this game yearly and it looks like they're playing hardball more and more. P.S. you must use a 'virtual' credit card that expires soon so that they can't auto-renew you. Check with your bank or Google if you don't know what that is. Good luck!

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    I was able to get All Access for $50 fees/taxes along with the Amazon Echo (second time getting the deal). If that's what you want, keep calling until you get the CSR willing to play this song and dance to get the best rate for Sirius XM!!

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    Usually that deal works but I just tried talking to 3 different reps and all of them did nothing

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    I got the Select (vehicle only) one year plan for $60.00. With tax it came to $72.84.
    They offered the $99 plan first and I said I heard about a $60 special, put on hold for about 2 minutes, they came back and said OK.
    The $99 plan includes online streaming while the $60 plan is for vehicle only.
    I have used this site for 7 years with great success, so thanks once again for this information.

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    Called them that I want to renew for same price I did last yr all access $99 he said ok

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    Well, this took a while. I told -€œJay-€ that I-€™ve been paying about $30 for 6 months of select for the last 3 years. He offered that plus offered $60 for a year but I had to have a credit card on file (big no-no for me) so I had to go with the select lite for $30/6months. I then told him I wanted traffic and travel link and he came back with $71, I immediately told him I-€™ve been paying $2 for traffic and $1 for travel per month. He wouldn-€™t budge so I told him to cancel my account. He came back with (after leaving me on hold for 3 minutes) a -€œone time noted offer-€ of $38.35 for select lite ($30), traffic and travel ($0) music royalty fee ($6.41) and time use fee ? ($2). I asked about the invoice fee and he said it was included(I-€™ve always had to pay this). Very different amounts this time. Thanks to and all the others posting their experiences. See you in 6 months.

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    Got $60 for a year. Mine expired and was just looking at the web site . Called No one

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    It worked paid $72.84 for 1 year. I paid for Select Light with no streaming service attached. The full select package came to $101.77/yr. Select for 6 months was $40.06. Thanks spoofee. Now I only have to do this once a year. Marking my calendar right now.

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    7/23/19 Called and said I wanted to cancel do to high price of renewal .Had 6 month all-access for last couple of times.This time I said I needed a year of all-access. Took about 15 min total.Got it for $99 total .
    First quote was a total of $126.00.

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    7/25/19 - 41min 5sec on the phone. $30 even, 6 months Select, Free Echo Dot. Have patience, be nice.

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    I was given the $99.00 fee which came to 113.62-still was too high called 7/25 and asked for supervisor. I was given the $60.00 rate which came to $76.03 total. Thanks to this website saved $37.69. Just for the car only.
    Really appreciated the savings.

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    7/26/19 Called to get a better rate for All Access before it renewed at a very high rate. It took some time and several statements about canceling before I got a rate of $100 for one year. I was offered $72 for 6 months several times and $172 several times for one year and some other prices.

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    I just renewed today and my total was 77.28. 60 dollars for 12 months, 12. 83 for royalty fees and taxes.

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    Called today (my subscription ends on Wednesday, the 1st). The 'best' they could do for me was $151 with taxes/fees included for All Access (which I've had for the last year for $120). Told them to drop it but may call again in a few days. Will keep the group posted. With so much other stuff available via streaming for free, it became less and less of a priorty for me to listen to Stern or Jim & Sam.

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