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Thread: How to Get a Discount on Sirius XM Radio Subscription

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    How did you get the $25.00 for 6 months offer? Who did you speak to, and how did you ask for it? Do you ask to be transferred to a supervisor or to retention services? When I called, they offered me 9 months for $106, which is not nearly as good.

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    Just called 866-408-2796 and got the $20 for 5 months deal plus 3 free months. This was for my new Kia Optima that came with a free 3 month trial period which expires in 3 days. I got a mailer for $35.95 with tax & royalties, so am glad I checked here for a much better deal.

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    How do you get the $25.00 for 6 months? What did you say? Did you speak to a supervisor or special department? I tried to renew today, and the best they offered me was $106 for 9 months.

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    I just did this- called (866) 408- 2796 -. I had to hang up and call back 3 times before I got someone who spoke clear english. A very helpful young man named Devon. In the end I got 6 months all access XM/Sirius with Nav Weather and Nav Traffic for $55.

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    So, what deal are they offering for 5/6 months and online listening?

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    Just did it. 9 min 46 seconds later I got the 5 months for $25.

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    Be aware that the prices should include local taxes, if applicable. Always ask for the final price.
    I was able to get the '$20 for 5 months' deal after asking for it. Until then, they were only offering the $29.94/6 month initial renewal price, so I saved a whole $6 but will have to call back/double-check/'discuss' the follow-on rate a month earlier. If I traveled more, it might be worth it, we'll see. :-) I'd like to get my wife's account combined, but she may not be as ready to cancel as I am! I may end up paying a bit more to keep from visiting the dog house!! 8 )
    BTW, I don't think the number you call makes much difference, I used 855-732-2048, I also was given 866-635-2349. Good luck!

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    Just called Sirius Radio. Spent 1 hr and 30 minutes on the phone. Complained and said that it was BS that over 8 Yrs paying this price while others were getting the better deals. Got offered One YEAR for $89 including Tax.

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    $27.69 for 6 months including taxes and fees.

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    Just called and got offered $20 for 5 months, came out to like $22 after taxes. They also offered $28 for 6 months and 89 for a year.

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    Yesterday, I was promised 15 months at half the price of the 12 month rate ($89.95 for 15 months). The woman (I think from the Philippines) told me at least 5 times it was for 15 months, and I was still skeptical. So when confirmation email showed I was billed $89.95 for 12 months instead of 15, I was so perturbed I called today to cancel all 3 receivers. The exceptionally nice and professional woman, Kathy, at customer service instead offered me the $25 for 6 months, which I took. Then she said I was just billed $108 for 6 months on my home unit, for which I never received any email. She said that was way too high so said she'd give me the same $25 for 6 months on that unit. Lastly, she said the woman who lied to me yesterday had also posted a note at the top of my file in all capos, 'NO MORE DISCOUNTS', which Kathy removed.

    Kathy is solely responsible for retaining me. If I'm ever lied to again as I was yesterday, I'll drop them for good. That is, unless I get to speak with a person like Kathy again. In hindsight, $50 (plus tax & royalties) for 12 months of XM split evenly between 2 receivers is the best deal going.

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    $27.02 for 6 months including taxes and fees after giving me a 1.09 credit for 1 week remaining on my existing trial subscription. To start with they offered 50% off = $89 plus taxes and fees for 1 year. When I declined the offer they counter-offered 50% off for 6 month = $50. When I told them I was only listening to a couple of channels a few times a week they gave me their final offer of 73% off - $25 plus taxes and fees for 6 months.

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    Couldn't get the one year for 77. But got 5 months for 19.99, 22.49 with tax

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    We just received the 6 month renewal for $103.18. I called one rep who wouldn't budge. I then Googled this website and took its advice. I called again and this new rep gave me the 6 months for $30 ($35.68 total). It worked. Thank you for this blog.

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    I let my wife's xm car radio expire for a couple weeks so they emailed me an offer for $25 for 6 months.It came to $32.22 with taxes and invoice fee

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