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Thread: How to Get a Discount on Sirius XM Radio Subscription

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    Everyone should check with their credit card provider to see if a virtual credit card can be created off of your card. I always create one with an expiration date just a couple of months out so that they can't auto-renew you next year.

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    Just say no it doesn't work for you cost wise and they will drop the price to $120.. tell them no again it's just too much and they will drop it to the $5 a month having to pay monthly to get that price.. but hey its worth it... i call every year never pay more then i need to.

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    Just renewed 2 cars for 1 year XM Select package for $72 dollars per car (it includes all fees and taxes). The originally offered me the $120/month per car deal, but when I told them I had better pricing from another different company, they provided the new lower rate.

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    Just did this today again, not as great a deal but ended up only paying $141 for a year of Select (109 Base, and the rest fees)

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    I just called 5/19/2019 to cancel my ALL ACCESS Sirius Radio account that I paid $2.00 for 3 months. YES that is correct $2.00. I said I would like to cancel and received the 6 months ALL ACCESS Package with Echo Dot for $49.99 total with taxes is $60.67. If you don't get what you want then call again. I will be asking for the HOME KIT FREE in 6 months

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    Ask for the $50 for 6 months, all access plus online streaming. It-s a pain to call every six months, but worth the savings. I just got this deal on two car subscriptions.

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    Just got off phone. Got $49.99 plus fees and taxes to total of $60.69 for 6 months of All Access.

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    $65 including taxes and fees for six months for All Select.
    Declined $145 for one year.

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    What if I failed to contact my Sirius is off now

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    Just got XM Select for $106.92 including taxes for the year billed monthly @ $8.91 since I was too cheap to pay upfront.

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    Just got off the phone with them to cancel my All-Access package, and the guy offered me $5.99 x 12 months (plus tax -$1.59) for the same package. Please keep in mind that I called to cancel 4 days prior to my subscription being automatically renewed. When he asked why I wanted to cancel my subscription, I was honest and told him that $25 (approximately $300 a year) was too much to pay for this subscription. Well worth the call. Good luck to all.

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    $60 for the year of SiriusXM Select. Was originally offered All Access for just over $100 for the year, but declined. Told them I have an Apple Music subscription. Was asked what I'd want, confirmed I'd commit to a year if they offered the introductory rate of $30/6 months but doubled for the year.

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    I just tried to call and get lowest possible plan and price and it is $16.99/month or 33$ plus taxes and fees for 6 months and she said they cant go any lower and said if I change my mind to call back in the future. didnt even try to negotiate with me...they must be doing well and not need the business that bad!

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    Just renewed for $60 CDN for 1 year!
    It took 17 mins and 26 sec with 2 holds for the Retention Advisor to ask his manager for 2 reductions.
    Be nice 🤑

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    got $54 taxes for 6 months. I asked about echo dot promotion and he said they didnt have anything. The deal offered was good enough for me right now.

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