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Size:  5.7 KB - Cradlepoint Black Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot w/ 3G&4G Ready / WiPipe Powered (PHS300)
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Do you live in a rural area not served by fast broadband? Donít pay for expensive satellite broadband service when you can get a Sprintís truly unlimited cellular broadband service. Itís cheaper and will probably get you 1 MBPS depending on how strong your cellular signal is. Plug your cellular modem into this Cradlepoint PHS300 and share your cellular broadband via Wi-Fi. It works great and you are ready when 4G finally rolls out to your area.
Take your wireless wherever you go with the PHS300 Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot from CradlePoint! All you have to do is to plug a cellular modem or compatible mobile phone into the PHS300 and turn it on. Within seconds, you will have a reliable Wi-Fi network and the ability to connect to any Wi-Fi-enabled devices.