The service will use what itís calling ďHybrid CallingĒ - your phone will rely primarily on Wifi, whenever itís available. And it will fall back on cell networks when you arenít connected to Wifi.
Users will not have to manually switch between Wifi and cellular - the phone will figure it out automatically
The service will require users to get a new phone. Iím unclear on whether there will be multiple models available initially, but the phone runs on Android. New phones are required because the Hybrid Calling relies on both hardware and software
The first cellular network thatís available as the fallback will be Sprint. The company is either planning, or already in the process of, signing other carriers onboard as well
The phone will have one phone number (no swapping between numbers for VoIP/cellular)
Youíll be able to send both calls and texts via Wifi
Weíre hearing that pricing details are still being finalized, but theyíre described as being much cheaper - perhaps around half as much - than anything else available for an Android device (i.e. a smartphone) through the traditional carriers
You wonít need to sign up for a contract, so there arenít any termination fees. No overage fees, either.
Welcome to republic wireless.

So whatís it like here?

A reward for being first:
Join now, and pay $99. Thatís $100 less than the normal $199 cost. You read that right. For $99 you get a new smartphone, and a whole new kind of mobile phone network.

Freedom isnít free. Itís $19.
Almost immediately you notice whatís missing. The hefty monthly bills, the endless nickel-and-diming, the big red contracts...yes, we can hear you now. Do you hear us? With republic wireless, you pay a flat $19 a month for everything. Period.

How is that possible?
republic is a Wi-Fi network. Anything cellular can do, Wi-Fi can do better (and for less). Thatís 21st Century technology. Thatís also basic economics. So letís all use Wi-Fi as much as possible.

Change the way wireless works
Decide whether to become a member now, or maybe later. Either way, like minds for evolving the industry are wanted here, today. You have thoughts to share, ideas to spread. Bring them to our forums. Keep up with us via our blog. Tell the republic whatís up.

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Starts Nov 8 2011
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