My son who is 4 years old was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called a grade III malignant Teratoma, at 14 months old. This is a extremely rare form of cancer and the doctors really dont know too much about it and what little bit they do know my son's is acting the opposite of that, so it makes it even harder for them to deceide treatments. He has had 9 surgeries already and he will need more. He went through chemotheapy when he was two years old and in Nov. of '00 they said he was in remission cause it hadn't come back yet. Then just in Oct of this year we found out it returned. It is really bad this time and his oncology doctor is doing his best to give him the right treatment. He had surgery on Nov. 13th to remove the tumor, they said it was rather large in size and the exact words of the doctor was it looked like something had exploded, cause he had cancer cells all along his side. They tried to remove as much as they could. He went in again on Nov. 19th to have his shunt put back in and started a high dose chemothearpy treatment last Friday. He stayed in the hospital from Friday to Wednesday. We came home Wednesday night and is still pretty sick but he is doing alright. The doctor told us his blood counts will drop on Sunday or Monday which would mean he will be readmitted into the hospital until they go back up. Dalton (my son) will end up with at least 7-9 different chemo med's and will be going for at least two surgeries within the next 8 months. Then he will receive a blast of chemo hoping to rid it forever.

So we are planning a benefit for him and we are trying to get things done but we still arent sure about a few things. Just wanted to see if anyone knew of any companys that donate to these kinds of things or even how to put one together...we have alittle done now but please anyone that could help, either if you have had one before or know someone who did, please let me know and thank you.

Also if your child or if you know any one who has had this form of cancer please please contact me I would love to talk to them or you!!!!! I have never talked to or met anyone who has dealt with this form, (nor has my son's oncology doctor).

[email protected] I really appreciate it thanks agian!!!!