Free Stuff On Your Birthday!

During your birthday, many restaurants give you goodies. If you are bored on your birthday, you can visit all of these restaurants and shops. Some places will ask for an ID. May not apply to ALL stores.

Marie Calenders: Free Dessert
Bobs Big Boy: Free Hot Fudge Ice Cream
Carrows: Free Birthday Cake
Home Town Buffet: Free Birthday Cake
Red Robin: Free cake or dessert sunday
Denny's: Free Meal + Free Desert ( Choose anything )
trick @ Denny's: Bring your kids on your Tuesday birthday = you eat free & kids eat free too!
Alfy's Pizza: Free mini pizza.
Captain Dizzy's Car Wash : Show ID and get a free car wash
Food Pavilion grocery store: FREE movie rental
Safeway : FREE movie rental
Baskin Robbins: FREE ice cream treat
Claim Jumper - Free Desert + sing
Bakers Square - Free Pie
Todai : Free birthday meal (same day) ID required
Chilis : Free Song for birthday + (depends on place)
Hollywood Videos : One Free Rental