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Our new lightweight clamp on muzzle brake for the SKS rifle has been precision CNC machined from 7075-T651 Aluminum and then Type III Hardcoat Anodized in a matte black color. These brakes offer a substantial reduction in felt recoil and muzzle rise of approximately 60-70%. These brakes will significantly improve comfort during firing, as well as, allowing for faster follow up shots. This design incorporates the most positive locking design of any brake available for the SKS. Also, the design will fit around the standard front sight.

7075-T651 Aluminum has a tensile strength of 83,000psi, yield strength of 73,000 psi, and a shear strength of 48,000 psi. These values are before the hardcoat anodizing which creates an outer layer on the aluminum that specs out at 60 Rockwell.
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