64% OFF Brieftons Julienne Stainless Steel Peeler/Cutter/Slicer $7.19 FS Prime


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* Made of high quality, 100% stainless steel to last for years
* Multiple features: peeling, slicing, grating, shaving, shredding, garnishing
* Prepare carrots, zucchinis and all your favorite veggies effortlessly
* Slice hard and soft cheese to perfection
* Grate chocolates for desserts with ease
* Create striking garnishes for serving platters
* Ultra sharp, durable blades
* Peeler's dual action motion reduce prep time by half
* Serrated blades give extra bites, useful for thin-skinned vegs
* Garnish foods decoratively to impress
* Easy grip handles for comfortable usage
* Hanging rings for storage
* Dishwasher safe