Rollerblade Solo Tribe HD Inline Skates - 2012 $119.73 Fs REI

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When the city is your skate park, bring out the Rollerblade Solo Tribe HD skates. They're tricked out with an anti-rocker set-up for aggressive skating and grinding handrails.
Anti-rocker skate wheel set-up has 2 large wheels on the ends and 2 small wheels in the middle that help you lock into handrails and slide without the middle wheels sticking
Molded foam semi-walkable, removable liners provide excellent comfort, cushioning and support; heel shock absorbers reduce vibrations
Liners have sneaker style and laces for a glovelike fit and rubberized soles to prevent slippage inside boot shell
Nylon frames with grind blocks for locking into handrails
Full hard-shell boots for support and protection; standard lacing
Cuff straps and steel buckles with power straps lock in your heels
SG7 bearings and 60mm (front) and 42mm (rear), 88a durometer wheels are built for the streets