LT-5GK Lunetta 5.0 Tactical LED Gun Mount Kit (MSRP: $158) $92

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Deal Overview
Save money with the LT-5GK Gun Mount Kit; everything you need to quick mount a high brightness Lunetta 5.0 tactical light to your weapon. The kit includes a LT-5.0 tactical light with a super bright CREE Q5 LED, a coil cord mouse tail switch (PL-MT5), a 25mm quick release, heavy-duty gun mount (PGM-25QRHD). With the quick release mount, the Lunetta 5.0 mounts securely to a picatinny rail without the use of tools; simply place the light in the desired position and lock it down with the lever. The fore grip has slots for placement of the mouse tail switch on either side. A screw cap at the bottom of the grip covers a hollow compartment for storing spare batteries. The fore grip mounts onto and removes from the bottom rail without using tools The Lunetta 5.0 tactical light has three output modes (full, half, and strobe). Modes are activated sequentially with the mouse tail switch. The LT-5GK kit includes a wrench to fasten the light in the mount, velcro strip for attaching the mouse tail switch, two CR123A batteries and a separate tactical button switch for use in place of the mouse tail switch when the light is not mounted to a weapon.

# Lunetta 5.0 tactical light
# CREE Q5 high brightness LED
# Tail cap switch for handheld use
# 225 Lumens
# Three modes of operation
# Quick release mount
# Mouse tail switch
# Separate tactical button switch
# Tactical fore grip
# Two CR123A batteries included