Hunting - Phantom HD Jack Rabbit Decoy $14.99 + Free shipping Gearhog (Amazon $25)

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Deal Overview
The Phantom Jack Rabbit high definition (HD) decoy is a two-sided, scratch resistant, UV resistant, and rolls up for easy transport. Unlike the flat, two-dimensional (2D) effect of similar decoys, the Phantom Jack Rabbit high definition (HD) decoy appears three-dimensional (3D) due to the natural curvature of the material. Detachable rods securely insert into the decoy and into the ground for solid support in the harshest conditions.

Extra caution should be taken since these decoys can easily be mistaken for the real thing and are certain to attract the target animal.

-Easily Transported
-Quick & Easy Setup
-High Definition (HD) Image
-Lightweight & Waterproof
-Detachable, Rugged Anchor Rods
-Durable, Scratch & UV Resistant Plastic
-Curved 3-Dimensional Appearance