Stick this label on any box of donated items to Goodwill and you won't pay a dime in shipping!
Give Back Box | No Box left behind

How does Give Back Box work? Using Give Back Box is simple, all your need to do is take the stuff that you no longer want or need, place them in the online retailers shipping box which you have just received, seal the box, attach the pre-paid shipping label provided to the box and ship as usual. If a box arrives without a label inside, you can go to Give Back Box | No Box left behind to print a free shipping label.
Is there a weight limit? There is no weight limit to your donation so please do stuff the box with as much items as you can and are proud to donate. We ask that you do not put glass or dead weight in the box.
What does it cost me to ship my donation?
It is completely FREE. You do not pay anything to ship your donation.
What can I send?
Any household items that you are proud to donate, e.g: Clothes, shoes, Jewelry, Electronics etc. Anything that will fit into your box.
Where is my donation going?
Currently all the donation is going directly to Goodwill, the non-profit charity.
How do I ship this?
You would ship as usual. If the return label is marked UPS then just drop off at the nearest UPS drop-off location or at a UPS store. You can also click here to find the nearest UPS drop-off location for you.
Can I get a receipt for tax deduction?
Yes you can get a tax deduction for your donation. Click here for a tax deduction for your tax deduction receipt form.
If I am a charity how do I get involved?
If you are a non-profit charity and would like partner with us to receive item donations please email us at a [email protected].
If I am an online retailer how do I get involved?
We welcome online retailers to help change the world. To learn more please email us at [email protected].