Ergo Goose Electronic Game Call featuring five proven goose-attracting calls $13.99 + $2.99 Flat shipping

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Deal Overview
The Cass Creek electronic Goose call featuring five proven goose-attracting calls that are all authentic recordings of the real thing

Calls included: - Hail Call- Greeting made up of a series of spaced rhythmic honks - Greeting Call- Excited contact call when one group of geese meets another - Laydown Call- Quick and repetitive single note call when landing - Feeding Call- Call of contentment among geese in a feeding zone - Comeback Call- Series of hail calls to draw passing geese Specifications: -

Push button operation with "instant interrupt" - Adjustable volume dial - Rugged rubber grip design - Auto shut-off saves batteries - One-hand operation - Natural bark camouflage - Operates on 3 AAA batteries, included