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The newest way to carry a concealed pistol magazine

If you choose to carry, you must carry enough ammo to get the job done. After all, it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. That's why the innovative, patent-pending Snagmag™ is such a hit among the Gun Digest staff. The Snagmag is an all-new way to carry a spare pistol magazine while carrying concealed -- and it's comfortable, discreet and easy to draw.

At first glance, the Snagmag appears to be a pocket knife with a clip. This is ideal for concealed carry situations as it does not draw attention to the fact that you are carrying a magazine. Just a small amount of rearward pressure while drawing the magazine causes the "snag" to keep the magazine pouch in the pocket while the magazine is drawn quickly and cleanly. And it's available for both left- and right-hand shooters - the Right-Handed Shooter version is designed to fit in the left pocket, and vice versa. (Right hand shooters will obviously be holding the gun in the right hand and reloading the magazine with the left hand).