OK, I'm not sure how well this will work everywhere, but I managed to get about $450 worth of snowboard gear at the local Sports Authority for like $175.

First off, they are clearancing a bunch of stuff all over the store. I think their inventories are up from not so great sales? Rollerblades, snowboards, apparel- all departments seemed to have some great buys.

Next trick- ask a salesperson about the 25% employee discount cards. Apparently each employee has a mittfull of these cards that are valid certain days. An employee gave me one good for that day- so I was getting items marked 60% off for clearance, then taking 25% off that! They don't advertize them, and I'm not sure what employees have them, but the one I asked had a lot.


I'm not sure if this is local or regional or what, but give it a shot if you need some sports gear? Sure worked for me.

Buena Suerte!