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Product Highlights

Designed to provide the ultimate in canine flotation, the K-9 Float Coat is a full-featured life jacket for four-legged swimmers. Abrasion resistant materials endure wear and tear and strap adjustability ensures that your dog receives the appropriate fit.

Highly-buoyant closed-cell foam ensures that your dog stays afloat even in challenging conditions. Completely adjustable, the K-9 Float Coat provides a comfortable, secure fit that helps to maintain your dog's natural horizontal swimming position. Easy-release buckles make the K-9 Float Coat convenient to take on and off and a "sheltered" design protects the buckles from wear and tear while keeping the buckles from pressing directly against your dog's body.

Heavy-duty fabrics provide excellent durability and reflective trim enhances visibility in low light conditions. A sewn-in hang loop is designed to accommodate the Ruff Wear Beacon lighting device (sold separately) and an integrated handle enables you to quickly and easily secure your dog in emergency situations.

The Ruff Wear K-9 Float Coat is available in your choice of size and color.

Styles available: Large Dandelion Yellow, Large Red Currant, Medium Dandelion Yellow, Medium Red Currant, Small Dandelion Yellow, Small Red Currant, XLarge Dandelion Yellow, XLarge Red Currant, XSmall Dandelion Yellow, XSmall Red Currant, XXSmall Dandelion Yellow, XXSmall Red Currant