Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement Pack 2X 2800mAh Batteries With NFC + US/UK/EU Compatible USB Wall Charger $26.98 FS Prime Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 SV I9600 2014 Model NFC Capable AT&T Sprint T-Mobile Hi-Capacity 2800mAh Spare - 30 Days Money Back Guarantee [24 Months Warranty]: Cell Phones & Accessories

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Manufacturer Description
If your Samsung Galaxy S5 is running out of battery quickly, or takes a long time to start up (or even does not start up at all) or you simply need to get a backup on long trips, so you always have a fresh one on the go! Whatever reason you have for buying a replacement battery, we guarantee this is it! Introducing the latest Lithium-ion revolution, meet the Supremacy Series by Volutz, grade A, best of the best cells at 2800mAh with the latest that NFC technology has to offer! You are guaranteed to keep a charge for a long time. Furthermore we included A lightning fast USB wall Charger that will allow you to charge your backup battery and your phone at the same time.

Enjoy optimum reliability and endurance. We guarantee you will receive a battery pack that meets the highest expectations of even the most aggressive phone users! This is backed with our full 24 months warranty! We manufacture products we are proud to add our name on, this is our promise to you!

Whats Included?
2X Supremacy Series Samsung S5 Batteries 2800mAh NFC Enabled
Smart USB Wall Charger Comes with adapter for EU/UK/US
Userís manual/warranty information
Original Volutz Paper Box Package