Self-Leadership System: How To Achieve 95% Of Your Goals!
Learn How To Become A Person Of Value With The One And Only Self-Leadership System.
By Vladimir Raykov

My first goal: I needed $35.000 for education - done.
My second goal: I needed admission to one of the best business schools in Europe - done.
My third goal: I needed a boost in my career and this resulted in four (4) promotions in eight (8) months - done.
The list goes on and on.
I've been studying successful people for 7 years now and Iíve noticed striking similarities, which I intend to share with you in this course.

During my journey, Iíve discovered 7 key principles that help people to become of great value (being useful and important) and to achieve their personal goals. These principles are the essence of:

1.PRINCIPLE ONE - BE PURPOSEFUL. Having a clear purpose simply means to know what you want. Once you understand what you really, really want (this may be challenging) you will instantaneously have a direction to move in. This is the first step in both leadership and self-leadership.
2.PRINCIPLE TWO - BELIEF. This is one of the most important topics of all. Without belief one will not accomplish any significant achievements. What we believe shapes our reality. Believe in yourself, believe in others, believe in a higher power.
3.PRINCIPLE THREE - COMMUNICATION. Communication plays too important a role. All excellent leaders, marketers, politicians, lawyers, teachers, etc. are proficient at communication. This is an area where we should pay attention and strive to improve constantly.
4.PRINCIPLE FOUR - POSITIVISM. We are attracted by positive people. Emotions are contagious - positive and negative. Positivism does not mean blind optimism. Not being positive in some cases may be considered as a lack of confidence. No confidence - no results.
5.PRINCIPLE FIVE - THINKING. Successful people think in a different from the masses way. There are different types of thinking. Our mindset determines if we are going to be successful or not. We should be constantly working on it. There are essentially two ways to improve your thinking - the people you meet and the books you read. (an old saying)
6.PRINCIPLE SIX - GOALS. This is how you become purposeful (principle 1) by having goals. There are some key moments that we have to take into consideration when we set goals. Most importantly, our goals must be specific, detailed and written down.
7.PRINCIPLE SEVEN - EDUCATION. When it comes to personal development, many people just want to become successful - we all would love to win, but how many of us love to train? Successful people (including leaders) educate themselves constantly. Do not miss an opportunity to learn something new every day!

I really got excited and I wrote a book about the application and integration of the first 4 principles, by giving examples and sharing my personal story. If youíd like to learn more about it you can check out my book - Leadership: Achieve Your Goals - Four Simple Leadership Principles For Everyone!
It already has approximately 3000 downloads from all over the world.
ďVladimir Raykov offers a deep insight on the natural human instinct for success through self-development. He obviously has valuable innate personal qualities that seek a way to express themselves.
The inspired and hard working man as himself sees options and possibilities in the same social environment where the average person sees only obstacles.
You always have to work hard enough to improve yourself - this is the key to understand his vision. In his own words - have a plan and stick to it. If one is content with his accomplishments he loses his drive to live a fruitful life.
As the saying goes:Speak so that I may see you,Vladimir adds a useful advice - DO,so the others could evaluate you,because actions speak louder than words.
There is no other way - he will definitely get your attention. He points a fact often neglected - we all have approximately the same amount of time in our lives and what we choose to do with it ends up being our so called destiny.Ē

Regional Manager - Dimitar Ilchev.

I decided to go one more step (or a leap) further. I felt a need of a system to guide us towards the accomplishment of our personal and meaningful goals. This is why, Iíve created:
**The Self-Leadership System**

I appreciate simplicity, this is why I designed the system in a way that is comprehensible for everyone. The system has four elements - the last three from the list above plus belief.

Thinking --> Goals --> Belief --> Education

Everything that you will learn in this course has been tried and tested. The ultimate goal of learning is a change in your behavior.
I firmly believe that this course is going to help you achieve your personal goals, as it did with me and so many other people.
Yes, there is valuable information here, in this description; however, this is just the surface.
Are you interested in developing yourself, becoming a person of value and achieving your goals?
If your answer is - YES, I would like you to invite you to take this course right now.