Altra Intuition 1.5 Running Shoe - Women's $39.98 w/code Campsaver (Sizes 6, 6.5, 11)

Altra Intuition 1.5 Running Shoe - Women's ::

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Altra's Intuition 1.5 is designed specifically for women, it isn't just another shrink it and pink it shoe. From the amount of cushioning to the shape of the shoe, it is 100% Female-specific. With the Zero Drop platform and innovative foot-shaped design, this shoe delivers many of the benefits of barefoot running with the comfort, cushioning and support that distance runners love. Follow your intuition and experience the world's first fully cushioned, foot-shaped, Zero Drop running shoe.
Designed to reduce shin splints, knee pain, forefoot pain and bunions
Innovative foot-shaped design
Female-specific design
Lacing structure: asymmetric