Jet City Amplification The Flood Analog Delay Pedal $49.99 Fs @ MF

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Product Description

Jet City Amplification set out to create the most affordable and best sounding delay on the planet, and this was the result. Introducing The Flood Delay. Itís a straight-forward stomp-box with the controls you need, in a layout thatís easy to tweak on the fly. With 550 milliseconds of delay at your disposal, you can take the Flood anywhere from a simple slap back delay to a full-on swirling chaos of noise and everywhere in between. The circuit includes a PT2399 chip with 571N compander and TL072CN op amp.

Time Knob - Adjusts the time between delay repetitions
Repeats Knob - Adjusts the amount of delay repetitions that occur
Level Knob - Adjusts the amount of delay effect applied to the original signal
On/Off Switch - Engages/Bypasses the pedal
On/Off LED - For high visibility on the darkest stage
Aluminum and Steel Housing - Strength and durability for the gigging pro