Guns - Tandemkross Remington 597 spring / Trigger Improvement Kit $24.99 + $4.49 Flat shipping (Rated 5/5 On Amazon)

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Deal Overview
Replaces stock hammer spring and plastic spacers with high quality spring and metal precision spacers
Installs in minutes
Noticeably reduces trigger pull weight to a crisp and safe 3.5 - 4.0 lbs.
Comes with colored installation instructions

Don't forget, all TANDEMKROSS products are Made in the USA and come with a LIFETIME guarantee!

The TANDEMKROSS Remington 597 Trigger Spring is made of ASTM A228 music wire which material has been said to "have the highest tensile strength and can withstand higher stresses under repeated loading than any other spring material." The spring lowers the required trigger pull weight while still maintaining enough force to fire off each and every round. The aluminum Precision Spacers that are included in the kit are superior to the stock plastic ones since they won't wear and will consistently guide the hammer to hitting the same spot on the firing pin. This will lead to more consistent groupings. The kit can be installed in minutes and includes detailed instructions. Improve your trigger and accuracy today with the TANDEMKROSS Remington 597 Trigger Spring Kit!

*Using the Remington stock hammer is recommended when using this kit*

Supported Model List: (works in ALL .22LR and .22WMR versions)
Model 597
Model 597 HB
Model 597 AAC-SD
Model 597 VTR
Model 597 SS
Model 597 TVP
Model 597 VTR

High Performance Hammer Spring
Precision Metal Spacers