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Deal Overview
By Kevin Muramatsu

You'll appreciate this gun maintenance guide if:

+ You own a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, and want to know how to effectively care for your firearm
+ You're interested in learning about different upgrade and accessory options for your firearm

The Gun Digest Guide to Maintaining & Accessorizing Firearms by Kevin Muramatsu provides user-friendly and DIY advice for how best to care for your guns. Learn the basic steps you need to know and the tools you need to use in order to correctly and safely clean, maintain, and accessorize your firearms without damaging them. Discover the right and wrong ways to clean and maintain handguns, rifles, and shotguns, and learn alternatives to more expensive processes for keeping your gun in prime condition, like refinishing at home and adding custom designs.

In addition to the basics of gun maintenance, cleaning and care, Kevin Muramatsu stresses firearm owners' desires to personalize their guns, and caters to this desire with coverage of plenty of the goodies available for different models. Find out the why, what, and how for stocks, barrels, triggers, sight upgrades, mounting optics, swivels, swings, and much more. If your goal is to give your gun a unique look and feel, this guide will show you how to make that happen. Take advantage of the invaluable advice offered in this gun maintenance guide to ensure you are not only caring for your firearms the right way, but are making them uniquely your own.

In the Gun Digest Guide to Maintaining & Accessorizing Firearms you'll find:

+ Hundreds of detailed, full-color images, directly supported by detailed, instructive text
+ Answers to the most common gun maintenance and care questions
+ The basic steps for correctly cleaning, maintaining, and accessorizing firearms without damaging them


Chapter 1: The Guns and the Choices
Chapter 2: Tools and Safety Stuff
Chapter 3: Cleaning and Maintenance
Chapter 4: Grips and Stocks
Chapter 5: Magazines
Chapter 6: Sights
Chapter 7: Lights and Lasers
Chapter 8: Scopes and Optics
Chapter 9: Slings and Bipods
Chapter 10: Triggers and Fire Control
Chapter 11: Barrels
Chapter 12: Refinishing at Home
Appendix 1: Building Your Own, Legally
Appendix 2: Parts Resources