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Soto OD-1RX WindMaster Stove with 4 Flex Pot Support ::

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The Soto OD-1RX Micro Regulator Stove is built upon the same award winning design as the OD-1R stove, and includes the 4-prong pot support for the Windmaster. The OD-1RXh has a few upgrades over it's predecessor. First, the OD-1RX stove has been designed to allow the pot to be positioned closer to the flame, making it more difficult for wind to penetrate the flame. This increases efficiency and boil time. The burner head has also been redesigned into a concave design that also the burner head sides to act as a mini-windscreen. Second, the stove's pot support is removable and swappable. Regardless of the pot size, you will be able to find the right size pot support for your need. Include the features of the Micro Regulator and the OD-1RX is one of the best lightweight canister stoves around. Gas canister not included.
Includes stove, case, 3-Prong Pot Support, and 4-Prong Pot Support
Outstanding performance in cold weather.
Uses standard gas canister
Micro Regulator offers consistent output regardless of temperature or fuel level and allows micro adjustments in flame output
Micro flame adjustments are possible
Minimal space between base of pot and burner head increases efficiency and blocks wind
Concave burner head protects flame from wind
TriFlex for small pots and 4Flex for larger pots.