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With the Waste Maid Disposer, you can replace that old, smelly, noisy disposer with the newest in disposer technology. Your Titan disposer can handle coffee grounds, the toughest vegetable scraps, peelings and small bones. With a combination of balance components, working in unison with maximum grinding speed, minimizes noise and vibration assuring a quiet operation.
Product Description
WasteMaid 658 Premium 1 1/4 HP Food Waste Disposer by JonecaJoneca Corporation is a sister company of Anaheim Marketing International, which has been a leader in the worldwide distribution of residential and commercial food waste disposers for over 22 years. Anaheim Marketing International has overseas offices in China, Japan, and the United Kingdom and markets disposers in over 50 different countries. Joneca Corporation is the manufacturer and distributor of food waste disposers and water treatment products in the North American market.The WasteMaid Food Waste Disposers are one of the Bio Shield Series Disposers available for the North American market. These unique disposers contain Bio Shield, the anti-microbial agent incorporated in every engineered plastic component of the disposer that comes in contact with food waste. This anti-microbial property helps prevent bacteria from growing in the grinding chamber and therefore reduces bad odors. WasteMaid also utilizes the TorqueMaster Balanced Grinding System whose balanced armature, turntable, and impellers helps deliver a smooth, quiet disposer operation. TorqueMaster provides the maximum torque necessary to grind your food waste quickly and efficiently. Septic Tank Safe.WasteMaid 658 Premium 1 1/4 HP Food Waste Disposer by Joneca Features: Type of Feed: Continuous Types of On/Off Control Available: Wall Switch, Air Switch, Wireless Control Switch Motor: Single Phase HP: 1 1/4 Volts: 120 HZ: 60 RPM: 2800 Amp. (Avg. Load): 7.5 Amps Power Cord Included Silver Guard-Magnetic Protection Cast Stainless Steel Impellers. Full Sound Insulation Comparable Units: Commodore 11000, Titan T-1060, Waste King 8000, ISE Excel, GE 1020