Cod Liver Oil *Certified* - 120 Capsules of Premium Cod Liver Oil Supplement with Vitamin A and D $9 w/ code Fs Prime

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PREMIUM: Cod Liver Oil from never frozen fish with NO Fishy aftertaste and NO Fish Burps! Athelas Neutraceuticals Cod Liver Oil is a premium product carefully selected from the highest quality sources in the world. Our cod liver oil is regularly tested for purity.
BEST: Uses the correct ratio of Vitamin A to Vitamin D as recommended by the Weston A. Price Foundation to prevent vitamin imbalances! Proper ratios of Vitamin A and D ensure that you feel your best! Avoid cod liver oil without any Vitamin A and D.
TOP VALUE: 1 Capsule of our Cod Liver Oil contains 1,000mg of Cod Liver Oil and 110mg of EPA and 100mg of DHA! This is easily taken with 1 capsule per day. Other brands require you to take 3-5 capsules to get 1 serving and make them much less cost effective!
PROMOTES: Healthy heart, skin, arteries, brain function, bone strength, and joints!
BUY: Order your Athelas Cod Liver Oil capsules today and you'll get a fantastic Omega 3 supplement to improve your health. We strive to make every customer experience an amazing one and will do everything we can to help you achieve good health!