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FortÚ Pro+ Road Tire

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FortÚ Pro+ Road Tire
With low rolling resistance, excellent cornering control and puncture-resistant Armor Clad Technology, the FortÚ Pro+ Road Tire delivers the speed and protection you need for serious training and endurance rides. Dual compound tread is fast-rolling for excellent control through the corners, plus it has a long life. Armor Clad Technology prevents flats and sidewall damage.

Armor Clad Technology is a lightweight, full-coverage layer of tightly woven nylon between the casing and tread that provides durable bead-to-bead protection against tread punctures and sidewall damage, without compromising ride quality
Dual compound tread improves wear resistance, boosts traction in the climbs and provides faster center-line acceleration
Low rolling resistance improves cornering confidence at higher speeds
Supple and stable 120 TPI casing