I hope someone will get a kick out this besides me.

I purchased another Canon A95 5.0MP camera from Dell last week due to Dell's sale, free shipping and a coupon they offered (per my now deceased Hot Deals thread). The reason I purchased another camera was because I bought the Canon Pixma iP3000 photo printer about a week ago (which I love) and wanted to take advantage of Canon's printer and camera $70 rebate ($20 printer and $50 camera). Plus and most importantly, the price on the camera after the discounts is at least $25 to $50 less than these cameras sell on eBay. As a result, I should able to get a $50 rebate AND make a decent profit on the sale. :claps:

So back to Dell. As you all probably know, some, if not all of Dell's customer service is provided out of India. Not that there's is anything wrong with that, but here's two partial transcripts of the CSRs and my chats:


Me: Hello. I'm interested in the Canon A95 camera. Will this definitely qualify for the Canon rebate for this camera?

Dell: Thank you for contacting Dell Consumer Care Chat Support. My name is Bhagya. But you can call me Beth. Please allow me a moment to review your question.

I then provided her with the link to the Canon coupon on Canon's website and she says:

Dell: I don't see any rebate on the Canon A95 camera (and she provides Dell's link to the camera). Please refer to the link above for more details

Me: I know the rebate is not on your website, its on Canon's. That is why I'm asking and why I gave you the Canon link above.

Me: Is there someone else there that can answer my question?

Dell: That rebate is being offered by Canon, not Dell. So it will be applicable only if you purchase the product from Canon

Me: I know that is totally untrue since the rebate itself has a section for "Store purchased" and other websites (e.g., Amazon.com etc.) have the rebate on their sites.

Me: Is there someone else there that can help?

Soon thereafter I amazingly confirm that Dell is an authorized Canon dealer, so I make the purchase last Friday afternoon (3/11).


The camera page on Dell said "usually ships within 24 hours". Shortly after my order I receive an e-mail saying the camera will ship on Wednesday (3/16). So I chat with Dell CSR again.

Me: Hello. I just placed an order and it states that the item normally ships within 24 hours however I just received an e-mail stating that the item won't ship until Wednesday. Which is correct??

Dell: Thank you for contacting Dell Consumer Customer Care Chat. My name is Vijay, but you may call me Vince. Please allow me a moment to review your question.

Dell: There is an estimated ship date is of 03/16/05.

Me: I know, but the page that the camera is on states "usually ships within 24 hours" Why will it take so long to ship?

Dell: I apologies but due to heavy flow of orders we could not be able to ship the order on time as we give priority to the back log.

Dell: There is an estimated ship date is of 03/16/05.

Dell: However this is just an estimated ship date .

Me: The reason I ordered it from Dell is because it says that you'll ship it within 24 hours.

Me: Is there anything that can be done?

Dell: Acctually the order is shipped much before the estimated ship date .

Me: Do you guarantee that? Is there a manager you can refer me to?

Dell: Being a mail order company we can not guarantee any ship date . But most of the time we ship the order on time.

Me: I thought you were an internet order company??

I then asked where the camera will ship from. FYI the reason I was asking and why I was in a rush was because I wanted to list the camera on eBay and sell it and make a quick profit.

Dell: The camera will be shipped from the vendors side .

Me: From what state or what region in the US?

Dell: From united states.

I kept asking him where it would be shipped from but Vince just ignored me since he had as much knowledge on US states and US regions that I do on India's geography, however I'm not dealing with clients from India on a daily basis.

Me: If this is a sample of Dell's Customer Service, I would not take a Dell computer if you gave it to me for free.

Me: I'm very disappointed.

The following is Vince's EXACT response to my disappointment.

Dell: 4. Please accept my sincere apologies for the difficulties you seem to have encountered

Dell: but I assure you that the order will be shipped as quickly as possible.

Me: I guess you get people's disappointment quite a bit, if I received answer #4.

It just went downhill from there, however Friday night I received the shipping confirmation and yesterday I received the camera.

I still wouldn't buy a computer from them! :thumbs_do

You can wake up now.