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Thread: Free $40 Gift Card for Test Driving a Hyundai

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    Ad Free $40 Gift Card for Test Driving a Hyundai

    Hyundai USA is offering a free $50 Gift Card to Target, Amazon or Visa when you Test Drive a Hyundai car.

    Works once per household per 6 months

    Step 1
    Go to Hyundai

    Step 2
    You will get a popup for a $50 Amazon gift card, $50 Target gift card or a $50 Visa Card
    - You may need to click on the green tab on the left

    Step 3
    Fill out their form

    Step 4
    Print the coupon or write down the coupon code to go test drive

    Step 5
    Sometimes telling the sales rep that you aren't interested in buying the car will make them sign the voucher off
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    I already have a 16 Elantra but went anyhow to get
    the card. Only took about 10 min. They just showed
    me the 17 model and I was done.

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    $50 to sell your email to Korea, hmmm...

    I did this a few weeks ago with Mazda. By the time I got home from the test drive, I already had spam from them. I unsubscribed and was informed it 'takes up to a week' to get removed from the list. Yet it took less than an hour to start receiving their junk? 3 weeks later, still getting their spam.

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    No pop up in San diego.

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    Just went in showed them this, told them what you wanted to drive then they sent you home with a gift card?

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    my dealership site does not show pop up at all

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    I went in and was honest that I was only there for the gift card. the Sales guy was cool with it and even appreciated that I didn't waste his time. It was VERY fast and done with. got my $50 e-mailed to me in a target egiftcard form instantly after I left.

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    My local dealer is participating, so I thought I'd give it a try.
    In reply to the spam concern: If you're using Gmail, enter [email protected] as your address. Google will ignore anything after the + & you'll get the email. If you start getting spammed, just make a filter to delete all mail to [email protected]!
    Then conquer we must, for our cause it is just, and this be our motto: In God is our trust. FSK :42:

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    All they offered me is the 25 $ gift card not 50

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    I went in today and was told the person that processes the gift cards was not there. I hope I get mine tomorrow.

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    Just remember that sales people make their living selling cars and when you go to dealer you will take them away from a real opportunity to earn a living - if your time has no value to you and it's worth a $50 gift card... have the decency to value another human being's time and stay home.

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    I'll give it a shot. Thanks Spoofee

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    Tried a couple sites in the San Diego area.. no pop-up :(

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    Went in today, test drove, out in 30min. Virtual Visa card emailed to me within one hour. Already used it to pay towards electric bill. To the person saying you're taking away from the salesperson's time, I'd respond that Hyundai is offering this promotion knowing that not every test drive results in a sale. They're hoping to convert those people into sales. That's the whole point of the offer. When you go clothes shopping do you feel compelled to purchase a article of clothing if you tried it on and you don't like how it looks on you?

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    you might want to give a fake number - calls start right away. I talked to the manager when I went in and I explained I was interested in the gift card, and not really the car. I gave him the option of just filling out the info on line. He was very pleased to fill out and let me skip any test drive.

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