beware of making purchase on with their promotions, 99% of time the promotions won't work for you. I have noticed most of the positive reviews of this site are fakes. you will have to deal with headache after paid for your orders.
1. most of item ship from china which take months to arrive or never arrived.
2. whenever you received defected products, they just refuse for replacements.
3. Lot of counterfeit brands from china.
4. Charge money from your debit/credit for discount items, refund the next day with thousand of excuses, here is one of the examples: "Order #:101649769. Hi ...,Thank you for contacting us at
Unfortunately your order was flagged for possible fraud and therefore we are unable to ship it. I apologize for the inconvenience. Your payment was fully refunded and no shipments will be sent out.
Customer Service -
and guess what ??!! i purchased with my paypal credit, the transaction went thru and cleared ...same thing happen to my brother in-law and my friends, all order will be cancel and refund as long as you use discounts or promotion codes. You only receive your orders if you pay with there full detail prices but you will have to deal with the 3 issues above. Look like they are generating promotion and discount to lure buyers.

Good luck and have fun shopping. thankful to spoofee for all the hard works they have done to save money for buyers.