Register or login and upgrade to Premium Membership Works and use code: CD37L4SW8 Works for new or expired memberships

login to your account or sign up for a free account

Once you have logged in, click on the “Access UPS My Choice” option under “Tracking”
Click on “Manage Delivery Addresses” on the top right of the page
Under “Change Membership Level,” click on “Upgrade to Premium”
Follow the on-screen instructions and enter promotion code CD37L4SW8 in the space provided, then click “Apply Promotion Code” and “Next” to complete

Be sure to turn off auto renew after you sign up.
To turn off auto renew:
Click on “Access UPS My Choice” under the Tracking tab
Click on the “Preferences” link on the top right of the page
Click “Edit” on the Membership Information box
4Uncheck the “I want UPS to automatically renew my membership” box, then click “Save Changes”