Lowes is offering the Bosch 300 Series 24" Recessed Handle Dishwasher SHE863WF5N Stainless steel for the best deal.

Regular Price is $799 Shipped

Step 1
Go to Lowes to confirm that it's available

Step 2
Go to eBay to buy a 10% off Lowe's coupon
Coupons can be emailed to you or mailed to you depending on the seller
Some of the sellers will email you the coupon almost instantly that you can order it in the store to use.

Step 3 - Optional (may be too much work for the savings)
Go to CardBear to get a discounted Lowe's gift card to save another 5% off

Step 4
Go to Lowe's and add the item to your cart for $596

Step 5
Apply the 10% off coupon

Step 6
Use your gift cards to purchase the item