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Thread: Video Capture Card

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    Video Capture Card

    anyone got deals for a Video Capture Card for PC? Any recommedations welcomed. Thanks

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    Depends on what you're trying to capture -- If you want to grab TV (in AVI format), the WinTV Go is cheap and easy. OfficeMax has it right now for $29.99 after rebate.

    For MPEG capture, move up to the WinTV PVR 250, $149 all over, it has a cool digital TV recorder (like TiVO), including a channel guide with one-click recording.

    The Dazzle line of products are other solutions, and range from $50 up. Check
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    I don't know if you have a fast vid card already or not but right now I have the ATI Radeon 7500 All in Wonder and from what I've seen its a bad ass capture card....bit expensive but I think compusa MAY have them on sale. 150 for em i think. And if I'm not mistaken and money for you isn't an issue they may have the all in wonders for 9000+ cards out.....not sure though....if not the other one you can get is the 8500.

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    Having VIVO (video in video out) nvidia cards, 3x times in a row from tnt to geforce to gf3, there's a major con to any AIW type of card. ATI or otherwise.

    Time comes you want to upgrade your videocard, to get something faster, for some new game, you lose video capture. So then, you gotta pay extra each and every single time you upgrade the vidcard to either

    1) Get another one with video in

    2) Snag a separate pci cap card

    When I snag geforce fx or whatever, I'm snagging a separate pci cap card. Had it with always having to spend 50 dollars extra or more to replace one vivo card with another. It'd be nice to just be able to drop in some cheap reference nvidia card for gaming and not worry that "oh crap, I gotta get one with video in again".

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